New Maybelline Go Graffity Nail Polish Review

Maybelline Go Graffity Nail Polish

Hi Everyone,

Its gives me immense pleasure to introduce you all to the new member in my ‘Nail Polish’ Family. The all new Maybelline Go Grafity! – Bluberry Bombshell
Maybelline Go Graffity Nail Polish

I was absolutely awestruck when I first saw this new range. It comes in 8 new shades.

You can count on it for an instant nail art 🙂


I chose to give it a try with Bluberry Bombshell.

This is what it looks like.

Maybelline Go Graffity Nail Polish

Maybelline Go Graffity Nail Polish

New Maybelline Go Graffity Nail Polish Review

It comes in standard Maybelline color Show Packing. I am quite in love with the texture, quality, and top speed drying capability of all the maybelline nail polishes, but for this, the reviews are as follows:

Quality & Texture  Quite smooth and there is no problem of visible brush strokes. Absolutely satisfied with it.

Drying Speed  It doesn’t dry as fast as other plain Maybelline Color Show nail polishes, I am sure its due to the crafty pigments it contains, but yes compared to other brands, Its still quite speedy.

Price Its cost is Rs. 145/-

Availability – Readily available at any makeup store and online, you wouldn’t have to roam around the town in search of it 🙂

Wearability – It can be comfortably worn for 5 days, which I think is good enough. After that it begins to loose its charm 🙂

Rating: 4/5

Why it couldn’t make 5/5

1. I prefer nail polishes that dry even faster, Had this been blessed with that, I would have loved it a little more.

2. All crafty nail paints come with a drawback which you absolutely have to face when you sit to remove them. It requires efforts.


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