rendezvous with my soul sisters!


Hi All,

Let me introduce you all to my pretty little soul sisters…

My Nail Polishes πŸ˜€


1. The color pops

IMG_20150422_095717667I prefer using them with nail art always as I find them too bold to be worn alone.
Rating: 3/5

2. Cool BluesIMG_20150422_095812862I absolutely adore blue in nail polishes and eyeliners (provided the blue is the right blue). I love wearing them with or without nail art.These are my summer shades, as during winters, my hands turn dry and blueish, and with a blue nail polish on, its a big NO NO for me….Β  so these go to hibernate.
Rating : 4/5

3. The GreensIMG_20150422_095907136Though I am not a big fan of Green nail polishes, but these two shades from INCOLOR made me change my mind. They come in metallic finish and the latter one has dark green glitter particles in it. They might look very similar, but they aren’t. Again I wouldn’t prefer/ suggest to wear these during winters, due to the same reason as above.
Rating : 4/5

4. The NudesIMG_20150422_100315079These nude shades are an ultimate solution for every ocassion, You absolutely cant go wrong with them, be it Job interviews/ meetings or a date night or your best friends wedding!! These can come to your rescue anytime ! anywhere !The are an absolute “Must Haves”. My favorites are all the shades from maybelline.
a. Coral Craze
b. Pinkalicious
c. Constant candy
d. Nude skin
You can wear them in any season!!
Rating: 5/5

5. The Glitter Gang or rather “The Inevitables”IMG_20150422_100124716These make me go crazy almost every time I see them.. My love for glitter seems to be increasing with each passing day.They look the best in any season other than winters!!
Rating: 4.5/5

6. The Red brigadeIMG_20150422_100205320I am not very much in love with red.. but it turns out to be a necessity at some point or the other.
Rating: 3/5

7. Love for GoldIMG_20150422_100238071Mabelline – Bold Gold (Third from the left) is my favorite amongst all the golden collection, the rest I use rarely, this category too is not what I crave for.
Suitable for any season.
Rating: 3.5/5

8. The Pinks and peaches or “The Adorables”IMG_20150422_100401050Here comes my first love

Rating: 4/5


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