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Orange, I feel is a color which needs a little playing around in order to make it look wearable…

Here are some simple steps  to create the look 🙂

You will need the following:

1. A bright orange nail polish

2. Maybelline glitter mania – Dazzling Diva

3. Black nail polish

4. White nail polish

5. Thin brush

6. paper/ cardboard/ any other hard base.


Step 1

Apply base orange and white base coats as shown


Step 2

Using a thin brush and black nail polish, draw branches on the nail with a white base coat.


Step 3

Take 1 or 2 drops of orange nail paint on a paper/ cardboard, and using a brush draw dots in a flowery manner at the end of each branch. (I choose to use a drop of nail paint on the paper instead of the bottle directly to prevent it from drying out and ofcourse it gives a control to the quantity you need on your brush to draw flowers )



Step 4

Let dry completely 🙂

Step 5

Now use Maybelline glitter mania – Dazzling Diva and a brush to draw dots in the middle of each flower and on other nails as well.


Tadaaa 🙂


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