Welcome Summers!


Lets welcome summers with this cool and soothing nail art.

Follow these simple steps to achieve the look:

Step 1: Apply 2 coats of a cool blue nail polish. The one I have used here is from Maybelline.


Step 2: Once the base polish is all dried up, we will now proceed with a black nail polish and a very thin brush (you can use an eyeliner brush as well) and make branches like strokes. Allow it to dry.


Step 3: After this pick up your favorite vibrant pink color to make flowers. Just put a drop of it on a base and using a toothpick / brush/ needle make small 3-5 dots at the ends of the branches you just made. Once dried, proceed to step 4


Step 4: Now with a white nail paint, put dots at the center of the pink flowers you just made.

Allow it to dry and seal it with a top coat 🙂


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