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Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Grow Pretty Lashes, the supplements were sent to me by the brand, but the review is absolutely genuine and true.

Thick and long lashes are my dream! Thanks to the advancement, every dream is not far from reality. There are so many options around… lash extensions, falsies, mascaras that can give you those lashes of your dreams! But, if you want naturally big lashes, then read on and find out how!!


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I have been trying these beauty supplements since a month, I wanted to give these enough time so that I develop an opinion on them, and here is what I feel about the product.


These supplements come in a regular plastic bottle, which is travel-friendly. Each bottle has 60 capsules, you are supposed to take two each day.

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What is it made up of?

These supplements are packed with powerful antioxidants and vitamins which help in hair growth, improve skin and give you pretty, long and strong lashes. To know more about the ingredients, you can visit their website HERE.

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Let’s Talk about Results

I received two bottles, as of now I have consumed one, which means I have tried these for a month and YES I am happy to report, these did show visible results.

For Hair and Lashes

I did notice accelerated hair growth and a lot of control in hair fall. My lashes have visibly grown and that makes me love these even more! If you have thin short lashes, you would definitely love these supplements.

For Skin

It looks like my hair is soaking in all the goodness! Well, I haven’t witnessed any visible improvements in my skin but I am sure, with all the useful antioxidants and vitamins going in my body, there is much good happening.

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Any Side Effects?

When it comes to consuming supplements, I do step back because I am always intimidated of any side effects that may occur. This was my first time trying supplements and was quite observant if there were any side effects happening, and did I find any? No! Not at all! They have worked well for me.


1 Bottle – $27.99  $24.99

2 Bottles – $54.99  $49.99



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