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We spend way too much time and money on skin care and hair care! It’s so unfair to leave hands and feet unattended. They surely need as much maintenance, care and time as our face or hair. My blog today is dedicated to simple tips for soft and heathy hands that work so hard and deserve the much needed attention.

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Body Shop Hand Cream – Review

body shop hand cream

Hello Everyone!

I am very particular and finicky about moisturising my hands after every wash, which I do 6-8 times a day. I like my hands clean, moisturised and smelling good all the time. The Body Shop Hand cream is what I have been raving about. Today’s blog post is all about this newly found love of mine…

With a light, gel-like and absorbent consistency, these juicy tubes will have your hands hydrated and scented with uplifting fragrances.

It comes in various fragrances to choose from!!


The one I picked is Frosted Cranberry and here are my views on it.


It comes in a smooth gel-like consistency, absolutely non sticky or non greasy! You just need a drop of this cream on your freshly washed and wiped hands for the magic to begin! You can use this in summers as well as winters.


Once you start applying, It feels like a non-greasy non sticky substance which your hands would quickly absorb, leaving a coat of soft and silky finish all over. It gives an instantly visibly soft fresh feel. The moisturization last well for about 3-4 hours and once you start using it, its addictive! (In a good way I mean) It feels so good on your hands that you would want to use it soon again!! Also the soft scent left behind is a treat!

Apart from all the goodness, it also comes with SPF 15!! I would surely encourage all you hand cream lovers to give it a try once in your lifetime for sure!


INR  495/- for 30 mL (Though the price is hight, due to which I myself was contemplating the purchase but the tube would last you much longer and the quality is totally worth it!)


5/5 Highly Recommended

Do try it out and let me know what you think!

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