Current Everyday Makeup Routine

everyday makeup routine

My current makeup routine is quick, simple and super versatile. It’s extremely handy these days and I am so much liking it. Also keeping in mind the weather, I like to keep the look fresh, glowy and soft. This look can be pulled of comfortably by every skin tone and is a perfect day wear. […]

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Glitter Plum Eye Makeup Tutorial

Eye Makeup

A deep plum makes an amazing eye shadow and suits quite a lot of skin tones. This is one of my favorite eye shadow shade. Here is a look that I created using a deep plum eye shadow and some glitter. It’s a perfect look for evening outings, parties or weddings. I have tried to make […]

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How to wear a red lipstick in 5 ways!


Makeup is a great way to unleash your creativity. I like to experiment and play with my makeup. This blog is depicting how to use your lipstick creatively and make it wearable for every occasion. A red lipstick which is often mistake to be restricted to parties or weddings can surprisingly also be your best mate for a […]

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Favorite Makeup – Products Purchased More Than Once!

favorite makeup_5

Some things remain simply favorite. I have absolutely loved using the below listed 4 products, don’t think would get bored even after finishing them off various times. I absolutely can’t afford to have even one of them missing from my vanity. They ought to be stocked up much before reaching the finishing line. Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel […]

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Broken lipsticks back to life!

Broken lipsticks

A broken lipstick is as painful as a broken heart! Some of our lipsticks are simply abandoned once broken or distorted! I surely couldn’t bear the separation, hence I decided to fix them. Using these 2 techniques I could restore life in my dead broken lipsticks and so can you! So let’s get started. Steps to fix broken lipsticks […]

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Soft Bronze Smoky Eyes

Soft Bronze Smoky Eyes

Bronze can be a very interesting option when choosing a smoky eye effect. It gives the required drama without being exaggerated. Also one thing to be kept in mind is, a smoky eye is paired best with a soft pastel lip shade, can be glossy, matte or creamy. In this look, I have paired soft bronze smoky […]

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Quick Summer Makeup

summer makeup

Summers are my absolute favourite for the fact that all the colours are at my disposal and I have the power to use them in anyway! Here is a quick summer makeup which is quite colourful and gives a fresh bright look. Coloured eye-liners have always been my obsession. They instantly add  an exciting twist […]

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Marks and Spencer Lipstick – Review

marks and spencer Lipstick

I love summers for the fact that they allow you to be colourful in every aspect! clothes… nail polishes… lipsticks… It’s absolutely okay to go bright on lip colour selection but in my opinion, sheer translucent shades looks cooler and more breathable. One such pretty shade is the limited edition Marks and Spencer Lipstick in the shade “Chiffon”. […]

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The Mauve Dose

soft mauve makeup4

Soft Mauve Makeup look for day outings Spring has arrived and so has the spring make-up trend! Of course there is no such rule book that says what shades to wear and what not to wear. Generally speaking, light make-up goes quite well during this time. If you are bored of pinks or peaches and want to […]

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Red Lips + Glitter Gold Eyes

red_gold makup1

The classic red gold makeup Red and Gold is an ever classic combination and the safest to play with when getting decked up for a close wedding and want to choose a dramatic look. For this classic red  gold makeup, I chose to pair glitter gold eye make-up with a bold red matte lip color. […]

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