30 Best Black Lipstick Makeup Ideas: 8 Tips to Nail the Look

Something about black lipstick that just screams “badass”. It’s the perfect accessory to any gothic or punk-inspired outfit. Anytime I’m looking to make a statement with my makeup, black lipstick is definitely my go-to makeup look.

Of course, black lipstick can be a bit of a challenge to wear. With different shades to go for, I find it daunting to pick the perfect shade for me since it’s so stunning and great for all skin tones.

8 Tips to Nail Black Lipstick Makeup Look

Black lipstick makeup is all about embracing the bold, edgy and mysterious side of makeup. Here are some tips to help you achieve the perfect black lipstick makeup look:

  1. Start by prepping your lips with a lip balm, this will ensure a smooth canvas for lipstick application.
  2. Line your lips with a lip liner in a similar shade to your lipstick.
  3. Apply the black lipstick on your lips with a brush or straight from the bullet, making sure to fill in the entire lip area.
  4. You can also layer the black lipstick on top of another color, like a red or purple, to create a unique look.
  5. Use a concealer or a foundation to clean up any smudges or mistakes around the lips
  6. Use a neutral or smoky eye makeup to balance the boldness of the black lipstick.
  7. Add a pop of color on the cheeks with a blush in a shade of pink or coral.
  8. And last but not least, set the makeup with a setting spray to ensure it stays in place throughout the day.

I found 30 of the best black lipstick makeup that’s sure to turn heads, and I’ll be sharing them in this post.

Feel free to join me in this black lipstick makeup journey. Let me know about your favorite black lipstick makeup in the comment section.

1. Shiny Black Lipstick Makeup

I love a good smoky eye, but sometimes you want to switch it up. That’s where shiny black lipstick comes in. This look is all about glamor and sophistication. Start by applying orange eyeshadow all over your lid and into the crease. Then, apply a yellow shadow to the inner corners of your eyes. Next, take a black liquid lipstick and apply it to your lips. Top it off with a layer of gloss, and you’re ready to go.

2. Gothic Black Lipstick

 There’s nothing quite like a bold black lip to give you that gothic edge. But how do you go about creating a gothic black lipstick makeup look? It’s all about precision and layering. Start by lining your lips with a black lip pencil, then fill them in completely. Next, brush a black eyeshadow over your lips, extending it slightly past the edges. Finally, apply a layer of black lipstick on top and you’re good to go!

3. Matte Black Liquid Lipstick Makeup

Now for this matte black makeup look. This look is all about vamping up your style and turning up the drama.

Start by applying a dark lip liner all over your lips. Then, apply the matte black liquid lipstick in the center of your lips, and blend outwards with a lip brush. Finally, add some highlighter to the corners of your lips to create a more dramatic effect.

4. Caviar Black Lipstick Makeup

For a glam baddie look, try Caviar Black. This matte black liquid lipstick goes on smoothly and will stay put all night. To make it even more dramatic, add a slick of black eyeliner and lots of mascara. Apply the lipstick to your lips with a lip brush for precise application.

5. Retro Matte Black Lipstick Makeup

You might want to try a retro matte black lipstick makeup look. It’s always elegant and stylish. First, prep your lips with a lip scrub to eliminate any dead skin. Then, apply a lip primer to help your lipstick last longer.

After that, put on a layer of black lipstick and blend the edges, so there aren’t any harsh lines. Next, apply a coat of matte liquid lipstick in a similar color. This will help seal the black lipstick and give you a nice, uniform finish. Finish off with some mascara and winged eyeliner, and you’re good to go!

6. Black Glossy Lips Makeup

There’s something about black glossy lips that just screens succulence. Whenever you simply want to add a touch of edge to your makeup, this style is worth trying. To recreate the lips look, start by applying a black lip gloss or lipstick. Then, use a lip liner to define your lips, and finish thing off with another layer of gloss 

7. Black and Pink Lipstick Makeup

To achieve the perfect black and pink lipstick makeup look, start by applying a lip pink lipstick to your lips. Then using a black eyeliner pencil, line your lips just outside of your natural lip line. Next, fill in your lips with a black matte lipstick. Finally, use a pink blush to lightly contour your cheekbones.

8. Black Lipstick with Purple Glitters Makeup

This lipstick shade is perfect for a night out! The black color is very dramatic while the purple glitters add a touch of fun and excitement. The combo will definitely make a statement.

9. Glittery Black Lipstick Makeup

When I was new to wearing black lipstick, I started with a sheer or matte formula. Once I had already gotten the hang to it, I picked out this glittery version that adds a touch of sparkle. I ensure that my lips are well-moisturized before I apply, so the goes on evenly.

10. Dramatic Black Lipstick Makeup

To achieve this look. start by applying a bass foundation or concealer to even out your skin tone. Next, apply a black lipstick to your lips, using a lip brush for more precise application. Finally, use the same lip brush to extend your lips slightly at the outer corners of both sides for a winged effect.

11. Black and White Glossy Lip Makeup

Black and White Glossy Lip Makeup
By evyxo_

One of the latest trends in black lipstick makeup is the black and white combo.  This is a great option for anytime you want to look chic and sultry looking. To DIY, all you need is black lipstick for the outer corners of your lips, white lipstick for the center and transparent lip gloss for an extra shine.

12. Black and Blue Dual-toned Lipstick Makeup

Black and blue dual-toned lipstick makeup is perfect for the girl who likes to keep things simple, but she doesn’t want to lose any of her edge. The combination of black and blue makes this look unique—but not too unique that it can’t be worn at dinners or out with friends. It’s sleek and sophisticated.

13. Soft Black Lipstick Makeup

Soft black lipstick makeup is one of the favorite looks for ladies looking to add something extra to their daily routine without changing the color of their skin.

This look is subtle and sexy and only takes a few minutes to put together! It’s also great for beginners because it doesn’t require any harsh chemicals or products that could leave you feeling like you’ve got oil on your face for days afterward.

14. Black and Red Metallic Lipstick Makeup

This look is great for someone looking for something different from their usual makeup routine or wanting to try something new and fun!

This makeup style uses a bright red lipstick with black eyeliner on top of it so that it looks like you’re wearing two different colors at once rather than just one shade over another color.

You can also choose not to wear any eyeliner if you prefer; just leave them natural! If you want to make this look even more unique, try adding glitter underneath your lips so they sparkle when you smile!

15. Vampy Black Lip Gloss Makeup

This look is all about the lips. You can’t go wrong with vampy lips, especially when they’re paired with a slick of black gloss. The key to this look is making sure your lips are evenly coated in gloss—just dab it on and don’t worry about it being too gloopy or messy looking.

16. Winged Black Lipstick Makeup

A matte, dramatic black lipstick that looks great on all skin tones. It has just enough moisture so that it doesn’t dry out your lips.

17. Black Velvet Lipstick Makeup

Black velvet is always coming through! Glam up looking like a baddie by recreating this lipstick that’s sure to attract attention. Trust me, no one can resist this.

18. Pitch Black Lipstick Makeup

This is a dark smokey eye with black lipstick. It is an edgy look that can take you from day to night in no time at all. Pair it with smoky eye shadow and fake lashes for added drama! 

19. Grungy Black Lipstick Makeup

Grungy black liquid lipstick goes on smoothly and will stay put all night. This deep, dark color is perfect for making a statement. Apply it to your lips with a lip brush for precise application.

20. Nude Makeup with Black Lipstick

If you’re trying to stay away from too much color, this could be the perfect way to do it! The nude base looks great with the black color of lipstick—and it’s super comfortable for everyday wear!

21. Pink Makeup with Black Lipstick

This is a fun way to show off your sense of humor! You can have fun with this makeup by using pink blush on your cheeks and lips, or even adding some glitter to your lips so they sparkle when you smile. It’s also good to wear this type of makeup if you want something different than what’s typically worn during the day.

22. Colorful Cut Crease with Black Lipstick

If you’ve ever wanted to take your makeup game up a notch, try this look! It’s simple, easy-to-do and looks great on everyone. This technique makes it possible to create edgy, sultry looks with just a few swipes of lipstick.

23. Smokey Eye with Black Lips Makeup

Use a bright red lip liner or lipstick to outline your lips, then fill in with the main color. You can also do this by using two shades of the same color on top of each other. This creates a gradient effect that helps keep your teeth white and make your lips pop!

24. Black Lipstick with Blue Edge Makeup 

A classic black lipstick with a hint of blue. This shade is a great way to add some color to your lips without going over the top.

25. Edgy Black Lipstick Makeup Look

This is an edgy take on a classic look. Get ready to take on the world while wearing this makeup look.

26. Black and Red glossy Lip Makeup

This gorgeous color combo will make you feel powerful and in charge. It is perfect for any occasion where you want to stand out from the crowd or just want to be a little more daring than your ordinary self. The red in this makeup is a great contrast against the black and will make your lips pop even more. 

27. Black Lipstick Glam Makeup

Bold colors are always fun, but it’s especially fun when they’re bold black lips! You’ll feel like a rock star when you recreate this elegant lipstick look.

28. Bold Black Lipstick Makeup

This look is perfect for those days when you want to wear something bold but still look polished and professional. The bold finish gives it an edge that will make people take notice!

29. Sultry Black Lipstick Makeup

If you’re looking for a bolder but glossy look, this black lipstick is for you! It’s dark enough to fit in seamlessly with any other makeup you wear—but it’s still feminine enough that it won’t be too much for even the most conservative of occasions.

30. Charcoal Black Lipstick Makeup

Charcoal black lipstick makeup is another option that’s perfect for people who have a neutral face but still want something more dramatic than just plain ol’ black lipstick! This look is superb and will help your skin look smooth and flawless while keeping your lips full.

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