Concealer vs Foundation: The Differences Explained

So here you are, stark-eyed, with a makeup purse with concealer and foundation, oblivious to how to use it. Makeup products may look similar in texture and consistency but have different functions. Not to worry, this article brings clarity to you.

For the newbie, you need to know which goes where and what each does. Whether concealer or foundation, you need to know what each makeup tube or bottle does. 

Though their names give a direction to what they do, we’d still look into their uses. Concealers are not the same as foundations and, as such, have differing purposes. This article will give you the necessary details about using concealers and foundation, so read to the end.

Concealers vs. Foundations Meaning

I would begin clearing the air as regards what these two makeup products are as we look into what a concealer is and what it does. And what a foundation does.

What is A Concealer?

MAC Concealers

A concealer is a cosmetic product that can hide or conceal skin flaws and blemishes, giving you smooth-looking skin. Concealers come in all sorts of packaging, from tubes to sticks, to powders, creams, and liquids.

Concealers can be applied to your face and neck using brushes, sponges, or even your fingertips. Different brands of concealers have different consistency of products, and you would notice some to be thicker than others, while some brands may be slightly runny.

Concealers come in different shades, as no-one-color suits all skin complexions. Using more than one concealer shade for a single face is not strange to blend into the skin.

What is A Foundation?

Mac Waterweight Foundation
Mac Waterweight Foundation

Foundation is another makeup tool you cannot do without- it’s a staple makeup product! Foundation makeup is important because it is the groundwork for your makeup look. If you miss the foundation, you will likely have a drab or ashy look.

Foundations also come in different consistency and packaging. They can be in tubes, liquids, creams, or powder and are available in different shades to suit different skin complexions.

Foundations are worn on the face and the neck and help give good coverage for skin blemishes and imperfections. It’s important always to blend your foundation to your neck to blend skin tones.

Concealer Vs. Foundation

As I have said earlier, achieving a beautiful makeup look depends on many factors, from choosing the right product to its application. If you are betwixt which to use concealer and foundation, then you need to read on.

What Are The Benefits of Concealers?

Concealers are known to fulfill so many different functions, and they have become a much-needed makeup product. Okay, so below are all the benefits of using a concealer:

  • Concealers are great for coverage.

Concealers that have great pigmentation are good for coverage. They are great at covering skin flaws and blemishes such as acne, scars, hyperpigmentation Etc.

  • Concealers are used to contour and highlight the face.

Contouring and Highlighting the face to enhance certain facial features gives your makeup a glamorous look. To contour the face:

  1. Use concealers a shade darker than your complexion.
  2. Highlight facial features with a lighter shade of concealer.
  3. Avoid using too light shades as this would make your face appear ashy.
  • Concealers are great for creating a good canvas for your eyeshadow.

Concealers are effective in creating a fresh eye pad for applying eyeshadow. Your eyeshadow lasts longer with a concealer base than without one. 

What Are The Benefits of Foundation

A good foundation is one of the first considerations to make when starting a makeup, and for good reasons. Before you begin layering powders and all, you must ensure the foundation matches your complexion. 

  • Foundation application gives your face a lift.

Using the right foundation gives your complexion a vibrant look. Your complexion appears brighter with a soft glow. Foundation application is one way to achieve a quick face in minutes.

  • Foundation hides skin imperfections like wrinkles.

Using foundation hides skin imperfections like wrinkles, fine lines, and discoloration. Using the right foundation makes your face appear younger.

  • Foundation gives full coverage to the face and neck.

Foundation is applied to cover the entire face and blended into the neck for a seamless look.

Concealer or Foundation, Which Do I Use?

Concealer vs Foundation

Both makeup products have their specific duties and time of application. See them as complementary and not substitutionary products to nail the perfect makeup look. 

Concealers are used together with the foundation and not used alone. The only reason you can skip using a concealer is if the skin has little or no skin imperfections to deal with. Then the foundation can stand alone as the major skin coverage.

Using concealer is a must if battling skin flaws like acne, scars, hyperpigmentation, and dark circles.

To achieve a flawless makeup look, use both concealers and foundation. Use concealers to contour and highlight certain facial features for a glamorous look.

Concealer Application Vs. Foundation Application

Now you know all you can gain using concealers and foundation; next is to know how to apply them. Take note of these when applying either your foundation or concealer:

  • Always start with an already-prepped face.
  • Ensure your face is cleaned from sweat, oil, and dirt before applying anything to your face.
  • Apply a preferred skin moisturizer to your skin first and blend it into the skin.
  • Concealer is applied to particular spots and areas with skin blemishes. A makeup brush or sponge is used to blend it into the skin. If you are a beginner, you should use a makeup sponge for this application to avoid spreading it everywhere.
  • Pump or squeeze small dots of foundation on your face, and begin to blend into the skin with a brush or sponge.
  • Keep blending the foundation till you have covered the entire face. Blend the foundation to your neck to achieve a seamless look.
  • Highlight your face, and apply a lighter concealer to your T-zone, under the eye, and chin. And blend into the skin, and these highlighted areas will pop.
  • When contouring, use a darker shade of concealer over your forehead, along your temple, and underneath your cheekbones. Blend into the skin.

Now, you can apply the rest of your makeup, finish with a setting powder, and spray for a lasting hold.

We can safely conclude that it’s best to use concealers and foundation to achieve flawless and glamorous makeup worthy of the Red Carpet.

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