How to Cover a Scab With Makeup: 7 Steps

Makeup has been a great blessing to many due to its endless possibilities. You can create and achieve a new look and different looks, all using different makeup procedures and artistry.

One of the main benefits of makeup is the ability to cover skin blemishes and flaws with just a swipe and dab of products. If you have to deal with a healing scab due to a recently popped pimple or acne, you need not worry because makeup can cover it.

At the end of reading this article, I’ll give you at least one less thing to worry about as I show you how to hide a scab with makeup. 

What You Need To Know About Scabs

When there’s a break in your skin or a cut, tiny blood vessels called platelets form a hard protective covering over the cut while allowing the skin to heal underneath. 

A scab may not look pleasant to you, but it’s your body’s natural way of healing. While the crusty surface is necessary for skin healing, you can cover it with simple makeup tricks, which I will discuss below.

How To Cover A Scab With Makeup

Here we are, showing you how to use makeup to make your scabs and acne scars invisible. You needn’t be a makeup pro to nail these easy steps.

1. Clean your Hands and Face

When dealing with a scab, hygiene is of utmost importance. Start by washing your hands and cleaning your face with a suitable cleanser.

Ensure not to apply too much pressure in scrubbing or washing your face to avoid tampering with the scab.

2. Moisturize Your Face

After washing your face, the next step is to moisturize your face as usual. Ensure you apply a moisturizer all over the face and over the scab. Scabs look crusty and dry, and one sure way to improve their appearance is using a moisturizer.

3. Prime Your Face

Primers are not a must in makeup application depending on your skin type, but is achieving a good blend of makeup products with a longer stay a top priority for you? Then count primers in!

 When trying to cover a scab, primers play an efficient layer-on role. 

The primer gives a good adherence to your face and makeup. Primers are great skin fillers as they help close up lines and minimize pore appearance to create a good skin canvas to apply makeup. Your makeup glides effortlessly on your face with a primer and covers the rigidity the scab may cause.

4. Apply A Concealer

How can we cover a scab without a concealer? Impossible. Concealers bear their names- they conceal! 

The next step is to reach for a concealer and apply a small amount on the scab using a small makeup brush or sponge. Ensure the pressure applied is more like a tap or a dab on the scab. You can conceal other skin flaws and blend properly.

5. Apply Foundation

I’m sure you were expecting to see a foundation on this list, but what is more important is what kind of foundation. Foundations come in different packaging and functions, and it is important to know the kind of foundation that properly conceals a scab. 

Ensure you go for a full-coverage foundation, not medium or sheer coverage. A full-coverage foundation offers you the best coverage for your skin flaws. Get a liquid or cream-based foundation and not a powder foundation that can only make the scab more noticeable.

6. Conceal Again

If you notice the scab still peeking through, dabbing another layer of concealer is necessary for better coverage. Ensure you use a flesh-toned concealer for a seamless blend.

7. Apply Translucent Powder

Dash on some translucent powder on the concealer for better-staying power, and finish the rest of your makeup.

Additional Tips for Concealing Scab With Makeup

Ensure the scab is dry before applying any makeup; applying makeup on a wet sore can further infest the wound. Dry the wound using rubbing alcohol with a cotton pad to clean the surface. Apply an anti-bacterial cream to help treat the wound.

Conceal a red sore with a green-colored concealer to eliminate the red color. After which, you dab on a skin-colored concealer for better coverage.

Choose a non-comedogenic makeup product with good hydrating properties to avoid clogging the pores of your skin. These products will ensure your skin can breathe.

Another method of hiding your scab is to draw attention away from the scab by emboldening certain features on your faces, such as eyes and lips. Bold makeup on your eyes or lips would draw attention away from the scab, making it less noticeable.

Recommended Makeup Products To Conceal Scab

There are excellent makeup products to grab when attempting to cover a scab. I have made a list of some below:

Revlon New Complexion One-Step Makeup

This product is one step to cover skin blemishes like scabs. It is a well-pigmented makeup product with active ingredients such as dimethicone that keeps the area moist.

BECCA Backlight Targeted Colour Corrector

The BECCA Colour corrector looks a little pasty, and only the tiniest amount is needed to do the trick. Dab with your fingers, which will melt nicely, giving you impeccable coverage.

NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer

This creamy multi-purpose foundation comes in a wide range of skin shades to match your complexion. It is infused with a multi-active botanical blend; your scab can be well hidden out of sight without drying it out.

Maybelline Fit Me + Poreless Foundation.

This non-comedogenic formula leaves your face smooth and natural looking all day long. This liquid poreless foundation gives a smooth appearance, leaving out that crusty scab appearance.

How To Remove Makeup without Worsening Your Scab

When the show’s all over, it’s time to gently remove that makeup without disturbing the scab. 

  • Choose a gentle face cleanser such as the Garnier Active Micellar Water.
  • Use a cotton pad and pour it into the cotton pad.
  • Clean the area of your face without touching the scab.
  • After it is well cleaned, use another cotton pad with the micellar water and gently place it over the scab. Avoid scrubbing the cotton pad over the scab.
  • Avoid picking the scab either, even if it is tempting. Allow the scab to be and open it to natural air to aid healing.

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