Powder Brows Vs. Microblading: Which is Best for You?

If you are planning to get permanent makeup for your eyebrows, it’s hard to decide which procedure to go for; micro blading or powder brows. Then this article is for you.

Permanent makeup artists(PMU) have developed advanced versions of permanent makeup for eyebrows; with these, you can easily decide the treatment that suits your skin type or lifestyle.

Powder brows seem to be the most popular eyebrow treatment; though it is still new, it has gained more ground in a few years. However, microblading is still in hot demand, and it is nowhere near extinction.

Want to know which of these permanent makeup procedures you should go for? Then read on to find out what works best for you.

Powder Brows Vs. Microblading

Powder Brows Vs. Microblading

Any difference between these two? Although they have a lot in common, these two procedures differ in many ways. These involve the execution process and the result. Let’s look into each makeup process.

What Are Powder Brows?

It is a semi-permanent makeup method that gives the eyebrows a hazy, powdered effect, just like wearing makeup.

Powder brows
Powder brows by Levani da Viki

The process involves inserting permanent makeup pigments into the skin’s upper layer (surface) with the aid of equipment used for cosmetic tattoos and dotting techniques.

The two processes involved here are the insertion of pigment into the skin’s upper layer and a touch-up six weeks after the initial process.

What is Microblading?

Microblading before and after
Microblading by Ja Lloyd

Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure that fine-tunes the eyebrows in an artful natural-looking pattern.

This method also entails the insertion of pigment into the surface layer of the skin, and it is done manually using a blade-like tool that consists of several tiny needles.

This blade is used to draw hair-like strokes on the skin, which look like brow hairs. Drawing hair-like strokes give the illusion of a fuller natural-looking brow. It involves a touch-up after six weeks of initial treatment, like powder brows.

Differences Between Powder Brow And Microblading

Let’s look into what makes these two permanent eyebrow techniques different. We’d look into their differences as it relates to technique and style.

Difference in Techniques

One major difference between these two procedures is the execution process.
In microblading, mini incisions are made manually, the hand tool is dipped into pigment, and it is applied to the upper dermis as an individual stand-alone.

The hair strokes look like real eyebrows.

Powder brows are carried out using the PMU machine, which inserts thousands of tiny dots of pigment into the skin.

Difference in Style

Microblading is in strokes, it looks like natural eyebrow hair, and the result is to make it look real. You can hardly tell the difference because they look so real.

Powder brows give a more catchy look, with the shade created underneath the natural hairs. The powdery effect resembles the look of wearing makeup. It can be subtle, and you can also make it obvious.

Similarities Between Powder Brows And Microblading

They both fade with time

You must repeat the treatment for both procedures to last and maintain that look for a while, and it simply means they are not permanent, and the treatment lasts between 1 to 3 years.

Treatment longevity depends on the kind of cosmetics product used, lifestyle, age, and skin type.

Both procedures need time to heal

Once the treatment is completed, the pigments must settle in, and the skin needs time to recover. The healing process takes about 4 to 6 weeks.

What happens is that the skin gets broken during the process ( for both procedures, which means periods of redness, scabbing, or flaking.

Both procedures are for brow enhancement

All cosmetic brow tattoos have the same purpose: to enhance the natural brows or rev them for those suffering from alopecia (loss of hair).

Both procedures need a touch-up

This is an important part of both procedures. Microblading and powder brows involve the insertion of pigment into the upper part of the skin, which will probably pull in with the scabs during the healing process.

To touch up is very important because the PMU artist adds more pigments in pixels or strokes where it didn’t settle well.

Both procedures have the same healing time of 4 to 6 weeks, and the recovery process involves several stages

After the procedures, your brows get dark and swollen, and it changes color after both treatments, scabbing is usually involved, too, and you must strictly adhere to the aftercare rules given by your PMU artist for two weeks.

The life expectancy for both treatments differs, and other factors contribute to their longevity. For example, your skin type, skincare routine, and lifestyle are factors that determine how long any of these procedures will last.

For some, microblading lasts longer than powder brows; for some, it is the reverse. However, microblading lasts up to 2 years, while powder brows last longer for most people.

If you constantly expose yourself to the sun, sweat a lot, and work out regularly, your powder brows or microblading will quickly fade away. You can lengthen their lasting effect by going for touch up regularly.

Since microblading quickly fades, go for a touch-up every 6 to 12 months, while for powder brows, it should be done every 8 to 16 months. How quickly these treatments fade depends on your skin type and lifestyle.

For example, someone with dry skin who rarely sweats might go for a touch-up once a year. How often you will go for touch-ups depends on how fast your eyebrows fade.

However, if you notice your eyebrows tattoo needs refreshment, book an appointment with your PMU artist for a color boost.

How To Choose Between Microblading And Powder Brows

The following factors will help you decide on which of these procedures suits your skin:

Your Natural Brow:

If your eyebrows are thin and have an irregular pattern, you should go for microblading because it subtly adds more volume to your brows.

If you have full brow hair and want it fuller, powder brow is all you need. Powder brows will fill in the little spaces to give the appearance of a fuller brow.

Skin Type:

Microblading is the perfect option for people who have dry skin; it looks well-defined and taintless. While powder brows are the best for people with oily skin, they will last longer and look classic.


For those who wear makeup daily, powder brows fit best. Your brow fades faster for those who sweat a lot and are constantly exposed to the sun. So, powder brows seem the best because they last longer.

Style Preference:

Some people prefer a natural look to an artificial makeup look. If you are the type that loves to look natural, microblading is the best choice for you, while powder brows are for those who love thick, dense eyebrows to complement their makeup look.

And if you don’t seem to make a decision about which to go for, you can combine microblading and powder brows to combo brows. In this case, you won’t have decision issues since you are combining both procedures.

The combo brow is perfect for those who love the denser, more defined, and more subtle look. It suits all skin types and is done using the hand tool and machine.

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