35 Fairy Makeup Looks: Tips to Nail the Look

Fairy makeup shows creativity, incredible beauty, and femininity. It’s a way of mimicking fairies known for their beauty and unnatural looks. However, there are exceptions, like the ancient fairies, which are goblins and gnomes that appear ugly and wicked.

The modern-day fairies are the ones that are incredibly beautiful and kind, just like the famous Tinker bell, Titania, Queen Mab, and the rest of them. You would want to look like them!

Another exciting thing about these looks is that you can rock them for Halloween, birthday parties, clubs, and even weddings! Depending on the one you choose. If you are a fan of Fairy makeup or, better still, looking for the best to recreate, here are 35 fairy makeup looks you can try out in 2022.

1. Pink Fairy Makeup

This pink fairy makeup looks amazing on everyone—even if you don’t have exceptionally light skin tones! The key is using a pink-toned lip gloss, drawing the arts, and some blusher that matches your cheeks perfectly. 

2. Black Swirl Fairy Makeup

The black swirls are a great way to add some edge to your look as a fairy without going overboard. To DIY, use a toothpick dipped in a black color palette to apply swirls. You can also use black eyeshadow, eyeliner, and mascara for a dramatic effect.

3. Butterfly Fairy Makeup

This look is perfect for those who want to be elegant and, at the same time, look like a fairy. It combines pink, purple, black, and white butterfly art in one makeup look.

4. Pink and Purple Fairy Makeup 

This pink and purple fairy makeup look is perfect for any occasion, whether Halloween or not. It consists of purple and pink eyeshadows, wigs and glitters on the neck and chest region.

5. Magic Mushroom Fairy Makeup

This will give you a magical feel. It might look complex, but it’s easy to create. Use sparkling eyeshadows rather than the normal ones for the nose and a fine-tip brush while creating the mushrooms. And it’s perfect for a Halloween party.

6. Floral Fairy Makeup

Most of this kind of makeup is created using live flowers on the head or face. It will make you look different and unique.

7. Tooth Fairy Makeup

If you want to look like a goddess or a god, go for this! The tooth, the bead, the shiny stones, everything about it will give you that feel.

8. Dusk Moon Fairy Makeup

This is perfect for those who love dark and dim looks. It’s dark makeup with the shape of a moon on the forehead.

9. Swan Fairy Makeup

Swan princess! This is a work of art! This will give you a bright and bold look. It will also single you out of the crowd. 

10. Rainbow Fairy Makeup

This rainbow fairy makeup adds some extra sparkle and color to your look! It is also great for fairies who love showing off their natural beauty and don’t mind letting their inner rainbow shine through when they’re out and about.

11. Tinkerbell Fairy Makeup

Tinkerbell Fairy Makeup
By _aashlooks

This fantastic makeup idea recreated from the famous Peter Pan’s Tinkerbell is simple and gorgeous. You can rock this excellent look anywhere at parties, weddings, and dinners.

12. Purple Fairy Makeup

Just like the name “Purple fairy makeup,” it means using purple as your base color. You can add a little touch of pink to achieve this look.

13. Evil Fairy Makeup

You want to look creepy and demonic at your Halloween party. The white color palette and black and blue eyeshadows will help you achieve that. That dark and evil vibes. This is for you.

14. Dandelion Fairy Makeup

Representing the weed and plant fairies. They usually come out with dandelions all over their face and body. 

15. Fire Fairy Makeup

Fire fairy makeup look signifies fairies who have mystical powers. That’s why the colors: red, orange, and yellow are used because they represent power. And also sharp piercing contact lenses.

16. Mythical Warrior Fairy Makeup

Represent the warrior fairies that always look mythical with bright makeup and are also gorgeous. 

17. Simple Fairy Makeup

You can use any light-colored eyeshadow to draw out the lines of the wings, then add some darker shadow on top of that for depth. This is great for beginners because it takes just a few minutes to put it together! The only trick is keeping your eye makeup neat (and not smearing it all over your face). 

18. White Elf Fairy Makeup

Soft and cute look. Use light colors like pink, white, and ash for this look.

19. Winter Fairy Makeup

This is spectacular. It looks chilly and cold, just like what winter looks like. You will need to take your time while doing this makeup. And make sure all the features look powerful and angular to give that “Fae” look. 

20. Autumn Fairy Makeup

Suppose you want to look fierce and powerful. Use a red, orange, and yellow color palette to achieve this.

21. Goth Fairy Makeup

Goth Fairy Makeup
By safe_pairr

Not all fairies are about light and bright colors. They have the dark ones, too, especially the ones with witchy powers. To recreate this, you will need black eyeshadows and both black and white eyeliner, dark lipstick, and long white lashes.

22. Green Fairy Makeup

Bright and colorful. Recreating this green fairy makeup gives an eye-catchy and magical princess look.

23. White Swirl Fairy Makeup

You can do this if you don’t have much time and still want to look somewhat mystical and magical. It doesn’t take so much time to recreate. Those swirly lines on the face were created using white eyeliner, and you would need to wear powerful contact lenses too.

24. Spring Fairy Makeup

The spring fairy makeup look is one of the prettiest fairy looks. You can still be a fairy and look gorgeous. Focus more on your eyeshadows and make them pop with shiny eyeshadows. Add colorful and bright flowers. 

25. Nymph Fairy Makeup

Looks mystical but cute. Use a toothpick dipped in a black color palette to recreate the thin swirls. Red and pink color palettes should be your base color to achieve this.

26. Blue Fairy Makeup

This was recreated by fairies who have blue skin, and most of them have extraordinary power. You will need a blue color palette, blue eye shadows, white and black color palettes, and purple lipstick. This is another way of looking pretty while being a fairy.

27. Golden Fairy Makeup

If you want a gothic and horror look try this golden fairy makeup. To recreate this fairy idea, you need shiny golden eyeshadows, glitters, and brown eyeshadows.

28. Water Fairy Makeup

This look is fantastic! It has this blue color paint from the face down to the neck and some work of art on it, representing a water fairy.

29. Squiggles Fairy Makeup

Squiggles Fairy Makeup
By niajeanartworks

Gosh! This is art! Not your regular kind of makeup and representing a goddess. Right from the shining crown on her head down to the paint and designs, it’s just too gorgeous.

30. Yellow Fairy Makeup

Yellow Fairy Makeup
By beautiby_boochi

This look was inspired by the fairies of the sun and flowers. Bold, beautiful, and stunning.

31. Green Forest Fairy Makeup

Green is the favorite color of every forest fairy because most plants and trees in the forest are green. The inspiration for this makeup came from that. It was created with a green color palette and black and green eyeliner. 

32. Nude Fairy Makeup

This is a perfect combo of a natural and spectacular look. You will need nude lipstick, brown eyeshadows, and glitters to achieve this.

33. Winx Club Fairy Makeup

If you want to look colorful and sexy, try this. Consist of bright and colorful eyeshadows and glitters. 

34. Peachy Fantasy Fairy Makeup

This is simple and pretty. You can even rock this as a bride. This is for fairies who are naturally appealing. To recreate, you’ll need a nude markup and pearly and peachy accessories.

35. Red Fairy Makeup

Looking for something a bit more subtle? Try this Red Fairy Makeup. This look is perfect for creating the illusion of glowing skin while keeping your eyes bright and your face radiant.

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