Asian Fishing Makeup: The Downsides

Many trends have come and gone, while some have evolved in style. We cannot change it; we either love or hate it. Makeup has been one way people express themselves or ‘transform themselves’; either way you look, Makeup is a powerful tool.

Asian Fishing Makeup, you may wonder what it is. There are tons of videos available out there talking about Asian Fishing Makeup. If you are in the dark about this trendy makeup style, this article answers what Asian Fishing Makeup is.

What is Asian Fishing Makeup All About?

Asian Fishing Makeup

Asian Fishing Makeup is a makeup that makes you look ‘Asian,’ East Asian, to be specific. So obviously, this makeup style is mostly done by those who are not Asian but desire to look like Asians.

Asians have different facial features, and some people find it attractive to imitate their looks by using makeup or photo editing to achieve Asian looks.

In Asian fishing, the eyes are purposefully made to appear slanted or with monolids. This might seem like no big deal, after all, people wear winged eyeliners but the problem is not about East-Asian styles being restricted, but of non-east Asians purposefully modifying their appearance for aesthetic reasons.

The Extremes of Asian Fishing

Many non-east Asians who are Asian Fishing have gone beyond just pulling their eyelids back to make them appear as monolids and go further to dressing East-Asian, styling their hair in Asian patterns. 

Some famous personalities undergo plastic surgery to look East Asian and gain popularity and followership. Using East-Asian accents in pronouncing certain words can attract a lot of criticism from those who are Asian. There’s a thin line between appropriation and appreciation and it would seem that many celebrities and people who are Asian Fishing are not aware of this. The problem with Asian fishing is the lack of sensitivity to the possible harm this may cause the actual race.

The Downside of Asian Fishing

Asian Makeup

When non-Asians attempt to emulate the “aesthetic,” they instinctively conform to this beauty ideal without realizing the trauma associated with it.

Asian fishing is never just about the costumes, eyeliner, or makeup. By adhering to the patriarchal beauty standard, you can alter your natural facial features. As a result, the system of which it is a part places a strong emphasis on financial gain. They act without considering the repercussions.

This is a damaging history, especially in light of the ongoing hypersexualization of Asian women and the effects on them now. Asian women have historically been oversexualized, and the notion that Asians are the “disease-carrying race” has persisted for a long time, which is seen as directly contributing to the recent spike in violence against the Asian American community, such as the Atlanta shooting.

Many people continue to admire features of Asian culture while holding an inferiority complex toward people of Asian descent. They cherry-pick from Asian culture the elements that speak to them, failing to truly appreciate the rest.

In the end, people who are “Asian fishing” can use their makeup and avoid the prejudice and persecution that come with being Asian, all without realizing the harm their appropriation does, let alone the battles Asians go through every day for the very qualities they desire to duplicate.

Asian women have experienced it for a very long time and are working very hard to break the stereotype. After all, there are issues with the beauty standard itself.


Makeup can transform your looks, and with Asian Fishing, it’s transformation to look like those of Asian descent. I hope you are clear about what Asian Fishing makeup is all about and why it’s causing a stir in recent times. At the end of the day, the people who suffer the most from this makeup trend are East Asians and not those who fetishize aesthetics from this culture.

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