30 Easter Makeup Looks (Plus How to Nail the Look)

With Easter just approaching, it’s time to start thinking about your easter makeup look. This is the perfect time to break out the pastels and get creative with your makeup!

Whether you’re looking for a subtle way to add a little holiday cheer to your look or want to go all out with a bold and colorful look, these Easter makeup ideas have you covered. So grab your makeup bags and get ready to have some fun!

How to Nail Easter Makeup Look

  1. Easter makeup is all about embracing the spring season, fresh colors, and playful looks. To achieve the perfect Easter makeup look, the first step is to prep your skin with a good moisturizer and primer. This will ensure a smooth canvas for makeup application.
  2. Next, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, and blend it well for a flawless and natural-looking coverage. Use concealer to cover any imperfections and dark circles, and set everything with a powder to ensure a long-lasting look.
  3. For the eyes, you can create a playful look with pastel eyeshadows in shades of pink, blue, yellow or purple. You can use them all over the lid, in the inner corner, or as a highlight on the brow bone. Use a black eyeliner to define your eyes and finish the look with a few coats of mascara.
  4. For the cheeks, you can use a blush in a shade of pink, peach or coral to add a natural-looking flush to your face. Use a highlighter to add some shimmer and enhance your cheekbones.
  5. For the lips, you can use a lipstick in a shade that complements your skin tone. You can go for a neutral, pink or red shades, or a more glossy finish.
  6. Finally, set the makeup with a setting spray to ensure it stays in place throughout the day.

Look no further than these 30 easter makeup looks! From pretty to fun and festive glitter, there’s something for everyone. 

1. Euphoria Glam Easter Makeup

Easter is a time for renewal, and what better way to renew yourself than with a glam new makeup look? This Easter, try something different with your makeup and go for a glamorous, festive look that’s easy to recreate. All you need is a blue rhinestone, blue eyeliner, lip gloss, and a beautiful set of false eyelashes. With your glam Easter makeup look, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

2. Easter Bunny Makeup Look

Go all out looking like your favorite bunny, and get ready to be the center of attraction the whole day. DIY if you’re a makeup artist; if not, inquire about the help of one. It’s definitely worth the time and pays.

3. Pastel Makeup For Easter

Want something more colorful and soft this Easter? Recreate this elegant pastel makeup with a pink and green color palette. Sure, this makeup will draw the attention of people toward your angle.

4. Floral Easter Makeup

This year, why not try something different with your Easter makeup? Instead of going for pastel colors, why not try a floral makeup look? This is a colorful makeup look you won’t want to miss out on recreating. Plus, it’s perfect for all Easter outings.

5. Tangled in Blue Easter Makeup

 Looking for a fun and festive Easter makeup look? Try out this “Tangled in Blue” look! First, start with a clean face and apply your usual foundation and concealer. Then, take a blue liner to make a swirl on your eyelid. Next, use a blue eyeliner pencil to line your lower lash line. Finally, add some mascara and false lashes for a dramatic finish. Don’t forget to fill in your brows and add a pop of color to your lips with blue lipstick.

6. Soft Multi-Color Easter Makeup

 Soft, pastel colors are always popular for spring and work great for Easter too. To get this look, start with a light foundation or BB cream, and add a touch of blush to your cheeks. Then, use a light eyeshadow color on your eyelids, and finish with a coat of mascara. For your lips, go with a soft pink or nude shade. This makeup look is pretty and feminine and perfect for Easter Sunday.

7. Butterfly Effect Makeup for Easter

How beautiful is this Butterfly Effect Makeup for Easter? The colors are perfect for the occasion, and this makeup is ideal for anyone who wants to look pretty and feminine on Easter. The colors are bold and the butterfly effect gives the makeup a whimsical feel. So pretty!

8. Gold with White Graphic Line Makeup

This look is all about elegance and simplicity. The gold against the white background is eye-catching and classy. To create this look, start by applying a light foundation all over your face. Then, use a gold eyeshadow on the lid, crease, and brow bone. Next, use white eyeliner to create a graphic line on the upper top. Finally, curl your lashes and apply metallic brown lipstick.

9. Brown Smokey Eye Makeup

Brown Smokey Eye Makeup
By sorin_mua 

Apply brown eyeshadow to form a cut crease to achieve this simple but gorgeous look. Next, apply blue eyeliner on your lower eyelid. Add nude matte lipstick for extra glam.

10. Dual-toned Neon Easter Makeup

You’re going to love this dual-toned neon Easter makeup look. It’s perfect for the holiday and so easy to recreate. Start by applying a neon pink graphic liner on one of your eyelids and a neon green graphic liner on the other. For extra shine, apply matte nude lipstick.

11. Rainbow Easter Makeup

This is definitely one of our favorites! A bright and colorful rainbow Easter makeup look that will make all your friends stare in envy. Spice it up by adding some sparkling rhinestones. And that’s it! You’re ready to take on Easter in style.

12. Cracked Egg Makeup for Easter

When it comes to Easter makeup, you can go all out with fun and colorful looks. But if you’re looking for something a little bolder, this cracked egg makeup look is perfect!

13. Glittery Easter Makeup

Glitters are always perfect for a special occasion or to feel festive! So grab your makeup kit and get started to achieve this pretty glow.

14. Pink and White Rabbit Makeup For Easter

What could be more Easter-appropriate than a sweet pink and white rabbit makeup look that’s sure to grasp attention and give you a playful look? This is it! This may require artistry hands. However, we all know it’s worth all the stress and time!

15. Bunny Head Makeup with Flowers

Take your Easter makeup look up a notch with this adorable bunny head makeup with flowers. This look is easy to create and requires a few simple steps. First, apply foundation and concealer as needed. Then, use pink and white face paint to create the bunny’s head. Next, use different colorful shades to recreate the flowers.

16. False Freckles Glam Makeup

When it comes to glam Easter makeup, you can’t go wrong with false freckles. They add a touch of whimsy and fun to any look. To create this look, start by using black eyeliner to draw on your freckles. You can either freehand them or use a stencil. Once you have them drawn, go over them with colorful eyeshadows to make them pop. Finish the look with a coat of mascara and some rosy cheeks, and you’re good to go!

17. Green Eyeshadow Easter Makeup

Green is life! Recreate this look using a green eyeshadow to form a smokey eye. Finish up with a pink blush and lip gloss for your cheeks and lip, respectively.

18. Blue and Brown Glam Easter Makeup

Blue and brown combo is always coming through. This is perfect for a night out of town with friends.

19. Dewy Easter Makeup Look

Start using a light foundation or tinted moisturizer for a dewy Easter makeup look. Apply it all over your face, then blend it with your fingers. Finish off the look by applying a light lip gloss or balm. You want something that will add a bit of sheen but won’t be too overpowering.

20. Colorful Glam with Rhinestones for Easter

This look is perfect for Easter! You’ll need some colorful eyeshadows, eyeliner, and rhinestones. Rock this look to any Easter event and get ready to open the mouths of people in admiration… LOL.

21. Red and Purple Dotted Makeup

This makeup look is super easy to achieve and perfect for Easter. Just use red and purple eyeliner to trace the dots on your upper eyelids. Complete this look with red velvet lipstick.

22. Cut Crease Easter Makeup

When it comes to Easter makeup, it’s all about going big or going home. And this cut crease Easter makeup is going big. With its bold colors and dramatic lines, this look is eye-catching. All you need is colorful eyeshadows, white eyeliner, and a steady hand.

23. Bold Pink Easter Makeup

This look is perfect for Easter dinner with your cliques and family. Apply a bold pink eyeliner on your upper and lower eyelid, then a pink lip gloss to achieve this look. You wouldn’t want to miss out on this.

24. Yellow Fever Easter Makeup

This Easter makeup look is all about feeling sunny and bright! The key to this look is using a yellow eyeshadow as the base.  

25. Simple Pink Eyelid Makeup

This simple but cute-looking makeup is easy to recreate. All you need is pink eyeliner for your lower eyelids and pink matte lipstick for your lip. For a more subtle look, use light hands to apply the eyeliner.

26. Buttercup Easter Makeup

For a makeup look that’s sweet, elegant, and eye-catching, go for this buttercup Easter Makeup. This look is all about flowers with a pop of yellow and white hues on your eyelids and lips.

27. Dramatic Eyeshadow Easter Makeup

 This look is so pretty and perfect for any age group. Just use pink and yellow eyeshadow on your lid, pink blush, and pink lipstick, and then finish with a coat of mascara. Easy peasy!

28. Mint Green Easter Makeup

Easter is a time to celebrate new beginnings, and what better way to ring in the new season than with a fresh minty makeup look? Whether you’re looking for a classic look or something more daring, this is perfect!

29. Melting Chocolate Easter Makeup

Recreate your favorite chocolate this Easter and look all mouth-watering and sweet. You’d need the help of an experienced MOA if you’re not one to achieve this look.

30. Orange and Red Daisies Makeup

This makeup look is so pretty! The orange and red eyeshadow with daises and the cracked egg art are the perfect touch for Easter. The colors are perfect for the season, and the dewy finish is so refreshing. We bet you already love this look.

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