30 Best Bridesmaid Makeup Ideas (Tutorial Included)

When preparing for a wedding party, nothing is more important than nailing the perfect look if you’re one of the bridesmaids. And with so many different types of makeup looks to choose from, it can be tricky to know where to start.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. From natural and understated to bold and glamorous, we’ve rounded up 30 best bridesmaid makeup looks to inspire you. Whether you’re looking for something classic or a little more modern, there’s sure to be a look here that’s perfect for your girls.

Let’s start with how to do simple bridesmaid makeup.

DIY Bridesmaid Makeup

Bridesmaid makeup is all about looking your best on the big day, but also feeling comfortable and confident.

  1. To achieve the perfect bridesmaid makeup look, the first step is to prep your skin with a good moisturizer and primer. This will ensure a smooth canvas for makeup application.
  2. Next, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, and blend it well for a flawless and natural-looking coverage. Use concealer to cover any imperfections and dark circles, and set everything with a powder to ensure a long-lasting look.
  3. For the eyes, you can play with different eye-shadow colors that complement the bridal party’s color scheme. You can use a neutral or soft color all over the lid, or you can go for a more dramatic look with a smoky eye. Apply a few coats of mascara to make your lashes look thicker and longer.
  4. For the cheeks, use a blush in a shade of pink, peach or coral to add a natural-looking flush to your face. Use a highlighter to add some shimmer and enhance your cheekbones.
  5. For the lips, choose a lipstick in a shade that complements your skin tone. You can go for a neutral, pink or red shades, or a more glossy finish.
  6. Finally, set the makeup with a setting spray to ensure it stays in place throughout the day. And don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the day! Bridesmaid makeup should make you feel beautiful and confident on the big day.

So what are you waiting for? Get browsing and start recreating these bridesmaid makeup looks!

1. Ultimate Glam Bridesmaid Makeup 

The eyes are the stars of the show in this look, with pink eyeliner and bronze eyeshadow. For the cheeks, go for a rosy hue and highlight your cheekbones with a touch of gold. Finally, add some drama to your look with smoky eyes and lots of mascara. And don’t forget to finish off with a nude gloss!

2. Pale Pink Makeup Look

This look is soft and pretty, and it still packs a punch. The best part is that it can be easily customized to suit each bridesmaid’s style. This is the way to go, whether you want a natural look or something a little more dramatic.

3. Gold and Silver Cut Crease Makeup

This makeup look is so glam! You’ll love how the gold and silver shades complement each other and create a beautiful, shimmering effect. The cut crease is a great way to add depth to your look, and the smokey eye effect gives it an edgy feel. Finish it all off with some bold lashes and a glossy lips.

4. Spotlight Bridesmaid Makeup Look

This is perfect for making a statement and showing off your personality. The key to this look is lots of drama and glamor.

5. Dark Green Cat Eye 

 With this look, it’s all about the dramatic cat eye. Use a dark green shade to make your eyes pop, and don’t be afraid to go heavy on the mascara. Keep it simple with a nude lip and subtle bronzing for the rest of your face.

6. Brown Smokey Eye Bridesmaid Makeup

This is a great option if you want something that’s both glam and understated. The brown eyeshadow will make your eyes pop, while the smokey effect will add some drama. Finish it all off with a nude lip, and you’re good to go!

7. Shimmery Champagne Gold Makeup

This is a great choice if you want something that’s both elegant and fun. The champagne gold eyeshadow is absolutely beautiful. The rest of the face is kept fairly simple, with just a touch of bronzer and a nude lip.

8. Pink Lips Makeup

Pink lips are always a good idea! This look is soft and pretty, with just a hint of color on the lips. So, this is definitely the way to go if you’re looking for something elegant and romantic.

9. Natural Bridesmaid Makeup

This is the perfect makeup look for those who want to keep things natural and understated. Just a touch of mascara and some lip balm is all you need to create this effortlessly beautiful look.

10. Glowy Skin Bridesmaid Makeup

This is a great choice to show off your natural beauty. Just a touch of highlighter is all you need to create a gorgeous, dewy complexion. Keep things simple for the rest of your face with light mascara and nude lips.

11. Subtle Bridesmaid Makeup

  Damn! You’d look so good while wearing this look. You might even upstage the bride on her big day! Just kidding. But seriously, this is a great option if you want something that’s both subtle and chic. 

12. Black Winged Out Makeup

You can never go out of style while wearing this winged liner that’s always been popular in the beauty community. The black shade will make your eyes stand out, and the winged effect will give you a touch of glam. Finish it all off with some false lashes and nude lips, and you’re good to go!

13. Blue and Gold Liner Bridesmaid Makeup

  This is a great way to add some flair to your look. The blue and gold eyeshadow complement each other beautifully. Get ready to party!

14. Bronze-toned Eyeshadow Bridesmaid Makeup

Bronze is significant in many cultures. Wearing this will make you feel like a goddess on your friend’s big day. The golden undertones of this makeup will make your eyes b stand out. Finish it all off with some mascara and nude lips, and you’re good to go!

15. Rose Gold Shadow Bridesmaid Makeup

Looking for an awesome and radiant bridesmaids makeup look for that friend’s wedding? Look no further other than this rose gold eyeshadow makeup. Plus, this is perfect for all skin tones, so why not!

16. Glossy Lip Bridesmaid Makeup

This makeup gives a glossy and cute-looking appearance that’s simple and breathtaking. Just be sure to use quality lip gloss and get ready to spark all day long.

17. Classic Bridesmaid Makeup

TBH, this is a classic makeup that’s perfect for all colors of bridesmaid dresses. Plus, it’s easy to recreate.

18. Red Matte Lip Bridesmaid Makeup

Sometimes, you need a classic red lip to transform your ordinary into an extraordinary look. This is such a timeless and elegant look, and it’s perfect for any formal occasion. Keep the rest of your makeup simple, so your lips will stand out.

19. Rosy Cheeks Bridesmaid Makeup

What’s not to love about this look? The rosy cheeks give off a natural flush that’s both pretty and flattering.1

20. Nude Bridesmaid Makeup

TBH, nude is always a good idea, and this look is perfect for those that prefer more natural makeup.

21. Fresh-faced Bridesmaid Makeup

How about fresh-faced makeup for that extravagant wedding? This makeup is definitely for the high-key bridesmaid, and a touch of mascara is all you need to achieve this look. So, go ahead and enjoy the big day!

22. Purple Eyeshadow Bridesmaid Makeup 

Who says you can’t have fun with your makeup on your friend’s big day? This look is perfect for those that want to add a pop of color. The purple eyeshadow is both fun and flattering.

23. Simple Bridesmaid Makeup

Just because it’s simple doesn’t mean it’s not beautiful. If you prefer all simple makeup, then this might be the look for you. 

24. Full Matte Glam Makeup

This makeup is for the bad-ass bridesmaids. The matte finish will give you a gorgeous, glam look. Get ready to turn heads!

25. Dewy Skin Bridesmaid Makeup

Opting for a dewy makeup look will make you stand out. The key to achieving this look is to use the right products. Use a highlighter and a setting spray to get that dewy finish.

26. Bold Brows Makeup Look

This makeup is perfect for those that want to make a statement. The bold brows are the star of this look. Be sure to fill in your brows and set them with a gel to keep them in place all day long.

27. False Lashes Bridesmaid Makeup

False lashes are a great way to make your eyes stand out, and they can transform your look and make you feel glam. Just be sure to use quality lashes and apply them correctly.

28. Red Eyeshadow Bridesmaid Makeup

You prefer a more subtle makeup look but still want to add a pop of color. This look is perfect for you! The red eyeshadow is flattering. 

29. Chic Bridesmaid Makeup Look

Add an extra flick to your face with this chic bridesmaid makeup look. The black eyeliner creates a sultry and alluring look. Just be sure to use a quality liner, and you’re good to go.

30. Dramatic Eye Bridesmaid Look

Recreating this dramatic eye makeup is easier than it looks. Just use a black eyeshadow and smudge it along your lash line. Finish it off with some mascara, and you’re all set.

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