20 Butterfly Makeup Looks (7-Step Tutorial Included)

I’ve been feeling artsy lately, so I decided to try out a butterfly makeup look. There are endless possibilities for this makeup style, so I spent some time browsing the internet for ideas. 

I figured out during my research that butterfly makeup looks can range from simple and understated to flashy and over-the-top. 

The great thing about this type of makeup is that I can be as creative as possible and use bold colors or go for a more subtle look with pastel shades. I can also add rhinestones, glitter, or other embellishments for a more glamorous effect.

How to Do a Butterfly Makeup Look

  1. Butterfly makeup is all about embracing the beauty and grace of nature, through bold and colorful looks. To achieve the perfect butterfly makeup look, the first step is to prep your skin with a good moisturizer and primer. This will ensure a smooth canvas for makeup application.
  2. Next, choose a foundation that matches your skin tone, and blend it well for a flawless and natural-looking coverage. Use concealer to cover any imperfections and dark circles, and set everything with a powder to ensure a long-lasting look.
  3. For the eyes, you can create a bold and colorful look with butterfly-inspired eyeshadows in shades of pink, blue, yellow or purple. You can use them all over the lid, in the inner corner, or as a highlight on the brow bone. Use black eyeliner to define your eyes and finish the look with a few coats of mascara.
  4. You can also use a stencil or even freehand to draw butterfly wings on your eyelid or on the cheeks, using eyeliner or face paint.
  5. For the cheeks, you can use a blush in a shade of pink, peach or coral to add a natural-looking flush to your face. Use a highlighter to add some shimmer and enhance your cheekbones.
  6. For the lips, you can use lipstick in a shade that complements your skin tone. You can go for a neutral, pink or red shade or a more glossy finish.
  7. Finally, set the makeup with a setting spray to ensure it stays in place throughout the day.

No matter my style, a butterfly makeup look is perfect for me, especially for costume or themed events. In this post, I’ll show you 30 different butterfly makeup looks that inspire my recent stunning looks.

1. Black Butterfly Wing Makeup

Black Butterfly Wing Makeup

By alexisayochok

This look is all about drama. You’ll need black eyeliner, black eyeshadow, and mascara. Start by drawing thick line wings on your upper eyelids, angling them outwards. Then, fill in the rest of your eyelid with black eyeshadow, and extend the line of your wings upwards. Finally, add mascara to the top and bottom lashes. 

2. Purple Butterfly Makeup with Rhinestones

Purple Butterfly Makeup with Rhinestones

By beautywithshara

Purple always comes through for me! This makeup will add a touch of glamor to your look. To recreate, start by applying foundation and concealer as usual. Then, use purple eye shadow on your entire eyelid. Next, create a winged effect, as seen. Now it’s time to add the rhinestones! Start by picking out a few larger rhinestones and place them on the winged eyelid. Then, take some smaller rhinestones and place them around the larger rhinestones.

Finally, apply your favorite mascara, and you’re done!

3. Euphoria Butterfly Makeup

Euphoria Butterfly Makeup

By kia_artistry

For this chic butterfly makeup, apply a light shadow all over your lid, and then use a darker color in the crease. Next, line your eyes with black eyeliner Rim your lower lashes with black liner as well, and finish with lots of mascara. For the butterfly wings, use rhinestones to form the shape. Add some pink blush and lip gloss for extra bling. And voila! You’re ready to slay the butterfly look.

4. Simple Butterfly Makeup

Simple Butterfly Makeup

By stephanielynmakeup

This makeup look is sweet, simple, and perfect for everyday wear. All you need is a light foundation, black eyeliner, pink and orange eyeshadow, rhinestones, and a few coats of mascara.

To DIY, start by applying a light foundation all over your face. Then, use the yellow and orange eyeshadow and the rhinestones to create a butterfly wing effect on your upper eyelids. Finally, apply several coats of mascara to your lashes. And you’re done!

5. Blue Butterfly Makeup Look

Blue Butterfly Makeup Look

By ginebracanas

You’re going to love this blue butterfly makeup look. It’s so pretty and feminine and perfect for any occasion. To create this look, apply foundation and concealer to your face. Then, use light blue and dark blue eyeshadow to highlight your eyelids by creating a butterfly wing. Next, stick some rhinestones on your forehead for extra glam. And that’s it! You’re ready to take on the world looking like a beautiful butterfly.

6. Colorful Butterfly Makeup

Colorful Butterfly Makeup

By chelslaysss

Whether you’re looking for a way to amp up your everyday look or in the mood for something a little more unique, this colorful butterfly makeup is a perfect option. You’ll be amazed at how beautiful a colorful butterfly can look on your face!

7. Spooky Butterfly Makeup

Spooky Butterfly Makeup

By chelsealeighmuaa

This spooky butterfly makeup look is perfect for Halloween! Start by applying black eyeshadow all over your eyelids. Then, use purple, black, and white face paint to create a winged. Next, use purple lipstick on your lips. Finally, add some black and purple lines to your lips for a more precise recreation.

8. Butterfly Skull Makeup

Butterfly Skull Makeup

By bymajozelada

Now for something a little more spooky. This skull butterfly makeup look is perfect for Halloween. Start by applying a black base, then add:: some purple and pink highlights. Use white, black, and orange eyeshadow and a brush to create a feathered effect for the wings. Finally, add black face paint on your nose, tip, and lips. You could also add fake eyelashes for an even more dramatic look. You’re ready to take the flight!

9. Flawless Butterfly Makeup Look 

Flawless Butterfly Makeup Look 

By aimee..makeupxx

To start this flawless look, you’ll need essential supplies like primer, foundation, and concealer. Once you have those ready, it’s time to start creating the butterfly wings. Using black eyeliner, draw the butterfly wing, and make sure the wings are big enough to cover your upper eyelid. Once the wings are drawn on, it’s time to start filling them in with color. For the body of the butterfly, use a dark-colored eyeshadow. Then, use a lighter shade to highlight the edges of the wings. Once the makeup is complete, set it with a layer of powder. And that’s it! You’re now ready to flutter your way into everyone’s hearts.

10. Pastel Green Butterfly Makeup

Pastel Green Butterfly Makeup

By amandalynnglam

For a soft and pretty look, try this pastel butterfly makeup. Apply a light foundation all over your face. For the butterfly wings, use a green shade and blend it outwards. Use a liquid eyeliner to draw on the wings and ensure they are symmetrical. Finish the look with some mascara and nude lip gloss.

11. Glam Butterfly Makeup

Glam Butterfly Makeup

By docolor_official.mx

This glam butterfly makeup look is perfect for a special event or a night out on the town. Start by applying a light foundation all over your face. Then, using a dark eyeshadow, create a winged eyeliner effect extending past your eyes’ outer corners. Finish the look by adding a few rhinestones to the inner corners of your eyes.

12. Rainbow Butterfly Makeup

Rainbow Butterfly Makeup

By djvanesav

For this colorful rainbow butterfly makeup that’s sure to turn heads, you’ll need For a rainbow butterfly look, you’ll need a foundation in your skin tone, and different colors of face paint for the winged shape.
Use the help of a makeup pro to recreate this look if you’re not one.

13. White Butterfly Makeup Look

White Butterfly Makeup Look

By shealeev

White is all heavenly! Recreate this white butterfly makeup look and get ready to attract attention.

14. Pink Graphic Lined Butterfly Makeup

Pink Graphic Lined Butterfly Makeup

By martv.beauty

Try this graphic liner look if you’re looking for something more creative. This can be as simple or complex as you want it to be, and it’s a great way to add some extra drama to your look. To create a graphic liner butterfly, draw a thin line across your upper lid. Then, extend the line outwards towards the outer corners of your eyes.

Finally, connect the ends of the line into a graceful curve. Once you have the basic outline of the butterfly drawn, it’s time to start filling it in. Choose a light pink shade and use a brush to fill in the inside of the wings. Then, add some darker shades along the edges for extra definition.

15. Halloween Butterfly Makeup Look

Halloween Butterfly Makeup Look

By kierahclarke

For a Halloween look that’s both glam and spooky, try this butterfly makeup. Its black and white accents make it perfect for parties or any other festive occasion. To create the look, apply a blue and cream eyeshadow all over your lid. Next, use black and white face paints to create the butterfly effect.

16. Red Butterfly Makeup Look

Red Butterfly Makeup Look

By larianna_l

For a sultry and dramatic look, try a red butterfly makeup look. You’ll need eyeliner, mascara, red eyeshadow, and a brush. Start by lining your eyes with eyeliner, then sweep on some mascara. Next, apply red eyeshadow to your lids, and blend it well.

Finally, use a brush to create the butterfly shape. Start by drawing a large V at the outer corner of your eye, and then connect it to the inner corner. Finish the look with more eyeliner and mascara; you’re good to go!

17. Black Butterfly Eyeliner Makeup

Black Butterfly Eyeliner Makeup

By byjeannine

You’ll want a black liquid liner to create this look. Start by using the liquid liner to create a butterfly effect. Then, take a black eyeshadow and draw a small line in the middle of your liner. This will create the illusion of thicker lashes. Finally, apply black mascara to your top and bottom lashes and burgundy red lipstick on your lips for extra shine.

18. Minimal Butterfly Makeup

Minimal Butterfly Makeup

By _why.ias

So you want to do a butterfly makeup look but don’t want to go over the top? This minimalist butterfly look is perfect for everyday wear. Start by applying a light foundation all over your face. Then, apply a light brown eyeshadow to your lids using a blending brush. Next, using white eyeliner, draw some butterflies shape on your upper eyelids. Finally, apply mascara and false eyelashes, and you’re good to go!

19. Bronze Rhinestones Butterfly Makeup 

Bronze Rhinestones Butterfly Makeup 

By glamxmelissa

Do you want to take your makeup look to the next level? Add some bronze rhinestones to your butterfly design. It’ll add some glamor and sophistication to the look. Start by applying a light foundation all over your face. Then, shade in the outer corner of your eyes using a dark brown eyeshadow. Next, dust on the apples of your cheeks using a light pink blush.

Now it’s time to add the fun part—the rhinestones! Start by applying a thin line of eyelash glue along your upper lash line. Then, place the rhinestones in a butterfly pattern, ensuring they’re secure. 

20. Chocolate Brown and Green Butterfly Makeup

Chocolate Brown and Green Butterfly Makeup

By alexissleigha

This look is elegant indeed! The brown face paint forms the butterfly pattern, while the green adds a design touch. They’re both topped off with a layer of white, which looks glamorous. Make sure they’re well-defined and as symmetrical as possible. You can also add some rhinestones or glitter to make them stand out.

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