30 Best Goth Makeup Ideas: How to Nail the Look

Goth is a music and fashion style that emerged in the early 1980s from the British post-punk scene. 

Goths are typically characterized by their dark, often morbid, aesthetic and their love of all things dark and mysterious. While the goth aesthetic has changed and evolved over the years, the core values of the goth subculture remain the same.

How to Nail Goth Makeup Look

  1. Start with a clean, moisturized face.
  2. Use a primer to help your makeup last longer and go on more smoothly.
  3. Use a liquid foundation that is one shade lighter than your skin tone to achieve a pale, ethereal look.
  4. Use black eyeliner to create a dramatic winged look on your eyes.
  5. Use black eyeshadow to create a smoky look on the lids and in the crease.
  6. Apply black mascara to both the top and bottom lashes.
  7. Use a black eyeliner pencil to tightline the upper and lower waterlines of the eyes.
  8. Contour the face with a dark powder to add depth and dimension.
  9. Use a dark lipstick, like a deep red or purple, to add a pop of color to the lips.
  10. Finish off the look with a setting spray to help keep everything in place.

Note: The Goth makeup look is entirely based on the personal preference. You can play with the colors and intensity of the makeup to create a look that is uniquely you.

If you intend to enter the goth scene, you must look like one. So, we’ve gathered 30 inspirations of goth makeup looks to help you out. Read on!

1. Cyber Goth Makeup

Goth is associated with darkness and mystery. But what about a goth that is inspired by the cyber world? This type of goth is known as a cyber goth, and its style is a mix of traditional goth and futuristic cyberpunk. Recreate this otherworldly look with bold colors of back and lemon and light contouring.

2. Pastel Goth Makeup

If you’re looking for a goth makeup look that’s both unique and eye-catching, look no further than the pastel goth look! This style of makeup combines the bright, bold colors of goth makeup with the soft, delicate hues of pastel colors to create a look sure to turn heads.

3. Vampire Goth Makeup

Whether you’re a vampire goth or just a goth who loves vampires, you can’t go wrong with vampire goth makeup. This look is about dark and mysterious glamour, with a touch of blood-sucking seduction. 

4. Casual Goth Makeup

Casual goth makeup is perfect for those who want to add a little bit of edge to their look without going too over the top. Think black eyeliner and mascara with a dark red lip. This look is all about contrast, so keep the rest of your makeup fairly natural.

5. Goth Glam Makeup

This glam will bring out your black and gothic sides using red and black color palettes. The tones of red and black together in a makeup look are eye-catching.

6. Dramatic Liner Goth Makeup

Dramatic eyeliner is a fashion trend that never goes out of vogue. With this look, your eyes will look dramatic, and the full attention of people will be on you.

7. Simple Goth Makeup

 Are you looking for a casual makeup look that you can rock daily without spending so much time applying? Look no further than this casual goth makeup! This look is all about keeping things simple and accentuating your features.

8. Burgundy Goth Makeup

Enough of the black lips, recreate this amazingly attractive burgundy goth makeup look.

9. Two-faced Goth Makeup

As the name implies, two-faced goth makeup is characterized by a split between light and dark. This makeup style is perfect for those who want to experiment with different looks, and it’s also a great way to add some contrast to your makeup routine.

10. Glitter Goth Makeup

All gothic makeup looks don’t have to be dark, plain, and without sparkles. This is a glitter-packed gothic look, leaving sparkles wherever you go.

11. Gothic Sorceress Makeup

Keep the gothic culture alive with a vamp shade of black by recreating this gothic sorceress makeup look. Sure! This is a unique one.

12. Ethereal Goth Makeup

If there was never proof that dark, rebellious and mysterious makeup could look like a fun and playful clown, then here it is! This look is sure to turn heads in all directions.

13. Romantic Goth Makeup

Are you a romantic person and still want to spice up your face by looking like a romantic Goth? Try out this elegant makeup look.

14. Blue and Purple Goth Makeup

Black is a perfect color for goths, and so are blue and purple. Try out this if you’re looking for colorful but creepy goth makeup.

15. Pretty in Pink Goth Makeup

This makeup look is ideal for a dramatic but glamorous look and easy to DIY. You’ll need pink eyeshadow, black liner, and red lipstick to achieve this. 

16. Black Forest Goth Makeup

Black Forest Goth makeup is a deep, dark, scary, and mysterious style that is perfect for those who love the gothic aesthetic. This type of makeup is usually very heavy and dramatic, with dark lips, smoky eyes, and pale skin. Don’t DIY if you’re not a goth makeup pro who can recreate the forest trees’ art.

17. Spider Web Gothic Makeup

Do you love the look of spider webs? If so, you’ll love this spider web gothic makeup! This look is perfect for Halloween or for any time you want to add a little gothic flair to your look.

18. Pretty ‘N’ Punk Makeup

This fierce yet feminine look is perfect for a night out on the town, and it’s also pretty and edgy.

19. Fae Gothic Makeup

Fae Gothic Makeup
By beserk

Recreate this look of a legendary creature in the fairyland and still look like a goth. Mind you; it requires apt attention and skill to achieve this look. Yet, the outcome is worth it.

20. Black Swirl Goth Makeup

Black swirl goth makeup is a creative and unique way to express your dark side. This makeup style is perfect for those who want to add a touch of mystery and intrigue to their look.

21. Goth Pikachu Makeup

Hat-tip your favorite cartoon of pikachu while still looking like a goth. All you need are yellow eyeshadow, black eyeliner, and black lipstick.

22. Blue Goth Makeup

Not all goth makeup looks are black. Recreate this blue goth makeup look while still looking gorgeous and mysterious.

23. White Face Goth Makeup

Go for this white face goth makeup look if you want to break from the black makeup look or, better still, heavy makeup looks. For this look, no blush is needed.

24. Chic Goth Makeup

This chic goth makeup is simple to recreate, and you’ll just need to apply black eyeshadow and nude lipstick.

25. Egirl Goth Makeup

Show the world that you’re a goth girl by recreating this elegant egirl makeup look. Plus, it’s perfect for Halloween.

26. Nu-Goth Makeup

This nu-goth makeup is chic and simple to recreate. You’ll need black eyeshadow, an eye pencil, and lipstick to achieve this.

27. Grunge Goth Makeup

You’ll be goth-ready with this grungy yet beautiful look with red matte lipstick and red eyeliner.

28. Barbie Goth Makeup

If you’re skeptical about the all-black gothic makeup, this barbie look is a great option. It gives a pretty goth aesthetic makeup.

29. Red Graphic Liner Goth Makeup

If you love a full-detailed look or prefer focusing on your eyes while looking like a goth, this red and black graphic liner is a perfect option.

30. Dark Elf Goth

Spice up your Halloween looking like an elf and goth, and get ready to be the season’s focus looking all legendary.


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