12 Unique Eyeliner Styles: Plus How to Get the Look

Eyeliner is one of the most common and functional beauty products in girl’s makeup bag. It can be worn in various ways, from liquid liner looks to sultry and smudged looks.

The problem is that because so many of us have become accustomed to wearing eyeliner in a particular way for such a long time, we need to take advantage of many opportunities to be creative with how we may best use them.

Keep reading for a roundup of the different eyeliner looks. You may want to try a new colored pencil or perfect the curve of your wing.

Different Eyeliner Styles

First off, as you may already be aware, several different styles of eyeliner are available, and each has a different impact.

Let’s look at each of the several eyeliner styles.
First, it’s essential to remember that eyeliners should only be applied to the outer portion of the lash line unless otherwise specified on the packaging (like the kajal).

1. Multi-Colored Muse

Use various shades on the top and bottom of the eyes to showcase your preferred liner colors. This allows you to play around with different color combinations and can make the eyes pop. Set the liner with a vivid shadow color on top if you want a more vibrant color payoff.

2. Neon Flick

Perhaps neon eyeliner isn’t the first eyeliner style that comes to mind. But after seeing this liner style, it’s unquestionably something that will inspire our imagination moving forward.

Use a slanted brush and liquid or gel eyeliner to get the precise flick at the end if you want to replicate this look. The eyeliner has a charming abstract effect because it begins at the inner corner of the eye and then resumes at the outside lash line.

3. Bright Waterline

The inner waterline of the eyes can be rapidly brightened and made to appear less red by applying white or flesh-toned eyeliner.

Using eyeliner is an incredible hack if you’ve had a late night or overslept and need to seem awake as quickly as possible. Wear this Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon on the waterline for the ideal shade.

4. Red Strike

Even though red eyeliner is a unique hue, it looks great on the eyes and quickly improves any cosmetic appearance. Use a pencil or cream formulation for this, and for a more straightforward application tip, try drawing the wing first on the outside corners.

5. Baby Wings

Although it adds a unique twist to the traditional winged liner look, baby wings connect the top and bottom eyeliner with a flick on the outer corners.

For this look, you should wear an eyeliner pencil with a creamy texture that is long-lasting and that you can easily apply to both the top and bottom lash lines.

6. Smoky, Smudged Frame

Your eyes will stand out when you apply eyeliner to frame the contour of your eyes. A chocolate brown shade looks great on the top and bottom lash lines.

To add a little extra flair to your eyeliner look, smudging the product with a brush or your fingertips creates a more dramatic impact.

7. Stiletto Wing

This wing isn’t as thick as the typical wing forms, but it gives enough drama to the eyes with its stiletto-looking branch. The wing is thin and narrow.

Using a refined, angled eyeliner brush or liquid liner with a precise tip, like Ilia Beauty’s Clean Line Liquid Liner, is the ideal method to get this thin line on the outer corners.

To achieve the proper breadth, apply the liner outward at the outer corner of the eyes.

8. Royal Blue

Royal blue on the waterline can be achieved in various hues. Given that many people want to avoid a full-on eyeshadow look when first experimenting with color, blue is an excellent shade to wear as a liner.

You can draw the line as thinly or thickly as you like, and for thick, long lashes, be sure to use many of your favorite mascaras.

9. Upper lid Eyeliner

If you find that using eyeliner on the bottom of your waterline is too much for you or frequently smudges, try applying eyeliner only to the top lash line to help define the eye.

This eyeliner style complements the colors of her eyeshadow and the shape of her eyes.

10. Two-Toned Theme

Apply it under the bottom lashes for contrast can give your typical black eyeliner the surprise of a second color. The combination of the basic black and the burst of pink here creates a great contrast that you can match to your lipstick for a polished appearance. If the bottom liner seems precise and thin, use an angled liner brush to apply it.

11. Thick and Thin

Switch the curve of your eyeliner between thick and thin by adding a thick line above the eyes and keeping the bottom line light. This method helps define the eyes.

12. Graphic Wings

When used skillfully, this blue eyeliner catches the light in just the right way to transform any ordinary makeup look into something stunning.

For a dimensional effect that jumps out, try drawing a fine line with black liner along your crease where you would typically place a standard wing.

The brighter, the better. Beautiful eyelids feature bold, fresh eyeshadow and a hint of sparkle, especially the vivid peach shade in this photo.

Apply glitter eyeshadow to the lids and brow bone, and then any eyeliner color can complete the look.

Using Eyeliner as Eyeshadow

Using eyeshadows as eyeliners gives a matching look and makes the eyes pop.

Select your favorite eyeshadow color from a palette, dunk an angled brush in the shade, and trace a line across your lash line.

There you have it—a colored eyeliner appearance without using colored eyeliner!

To create a delicate, daytime pink eyeliner look, dunk your finger into a pink eyeshadow hue.

Shadow liners’ main drawback is that they are less durable than liquid or gel eyeliner and are more prone to smudging or fading, but they are still worth a try!

Which Eyeliner Style Best Compliments?

There isn’t such a thing as the perfect eyeliner, but there is unquestionably one that best compliments your appearance.

Before deciding which eyeliner to choose, keep the following in mind:

  1. Because liquid eyeliner tends to dry out quickly, you should avoid using it to achieve smudged eyeliner effects for soft, smokey eye looks.
  2. To avoid ruining the rest of the makeup look, it is best to close the eyelids tightly after using eyeliners that dry quickly (both liquid and gel).
  3. Pencil eyeliner typically produces larger, easier-to-smudge lines blended with eye brushes—making it great for smokey looks but less-than-ideal for cat-eye looks and other similar looks requiring the formation of a precise, highly-detailed line.

Hints for newbies

If you are an absolute novice and are just beginning your journey into the world of cosmetics, take your time to learn how to smudge, mix, and create simple but stunning looks.

To do this, begin by applying eyeliner using a pencil and gradually refine your expertise before moving on to more advanced items.

Start with a pen eyeliner, practice drawing tiny lines while maintaining control of your hand, and switch to liquid or gel eyeliners to produce cat-eye lines.

Try practicing again to gain mastery.

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