How to Apply Highlighter and Bronzer for Beginners

It’s funny how the most common makeup tools have become the most complicated regarding usage.

 One of the confusing topics in makeup application is how to apply a highlighter and a bronzer. Confusion about which is which and how to use their looms.

And this article informs you on all you need to know about applying them and their differences.

What is A Highlighter?

KKW Beauty Highlighter
KKW Beauty Highlighter

The highlighter is another essential makeup product to create a dewy, radiant facial effect. Highlighters are produced in shades ranging from yellows to peachy, champagnes, oranges, and gold.

It is crucial to pick the right shade of highlighter that suits your skin tone perfectly.

Another vital factor to note is to avoid using a very light one to prevent your highlighter from looking grey. 

Highlighters also possess a calm or warm undertone; they can be satin, shimmery or matte. The four highlighters are cream, powder g, and liquid.

What Is A Bronzer?

Laura Geller Sunrise Flair Bronzer
Laura Geller Sunrise Flair Bronzer

A bronzer is one of the essential products in a face makeup kit that adds color and warmth. Bronzers are produced in shades of brown, ranging from light to dark. Bronzers can be shimmery, and others are matte. But they are both available in warm or cool undertones.

A bronzer is perfect for you in your makeup routine if you like to get a sun-kissed look

Choosing the right shade for your skin is very important, as a bronzer is darker than your skin tone. 

There are four types of bronzers: cream, gel, powder, and liquid. 

Knowing your skin type determines the type of bronzer that will work best to give you that desired natural glowing look. 

How To Apply Highlighter and Bronzer

How and Where To Apply Bronzer 

One tip you must remember when applying bronzers is that less is more. It is best to begin with, a small quantity of the bronzer and then spread up the color until you get the desired effect.

It is expedient to note that highlighters are meant to be applied on only some of the face but on facial features where the sun hits. Facial features to be highlighted are: 

The top of the cheek

The forehead

The brow bones

The bridge of your nose

The inner corner of the eyes

The cupid’s bow

How To Apply The Bronzer To Contour The Face

Use the matte bronzer to contour your face by creating an illusion of shadows.

Once you have completed the rest of your makeup, this is how to apply your bronzer.

Give yourself a kissy face in the mirror to highlight your best traits.

Use the powder brush to pick up bronzer from the palette and tap a little if you picked up excess bronzer.

 Apply bronzer to the hollows or dips of your cheeks and your nose sides.

Bronzers on your cheekbone dip lookbook a slimmer, more defined facial structure that’s appealing.

The bronzer on the sides of your nose gives your nose a slimmer, elongated look. Bronzers have been used to make bigger-looking noses appear smaller and pointed.

Swipe the large powder brush just below the cheekbone and in a line that parallels the angle of your jawline.

Keep blending out with the brush till you achieve a well-blended shadow that looks natural.

How and Where To Apply Highlighter 

As with the bronzer, the same rule of less is more, which means applying a small quantity of the product and then spreading the color to achieve the look you desire.

Also, note that the highlighter is meant for specific parts of the face, not the whole look. They include the top of the cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and brow bone.

A small fan brush is the best method for applying the powder highlighter.

The highlighter is applied after the bronzer to accentuate certain features and give you a glow.

Follow these steps to highlight your cheekbones, cupid’s bow, forehead, and browbones.  

Pick up some highlighter with your fan brush and tap off excess product.

Just above the blush at the top of your cheekbones, swipe some highlighter on it; this will attract emphasis to your cheekbones.

Swipe a highlighter on your brow bone to make it pop.

Dash on some highlighter on the bridge of your nose to accentuate the look of a pointed tip.

Swipe a little on the inner corner of your eyes, forehead, and cupid’s bow, and this would give you an instant look at the sun falling on your face.

Difference Between Highlighter And Bronzer 

The primary disparity between the highlighter and bronzer is seen in their function, and their purpose of the use is different though they are part of the basic staples of any face makeup kit.

The bronzer creates an undeniable sun-kissed look on the face, while the highlighter major works or functions to give a dewy or glowing effect.

The matte bronzer works perfectly to contour the face, but this creates an illusion of shadows, while the highlighted makes features pop and shine.

Is It Possible To Wear A Highlighter and Bronzer Together?

IT Cosmetics Highlighter and Bronzer Palette
L-Highlighter; R-Bronzer – IT Cosmetics Highlighter and Bronzer Palette

It is possible to use a highlight and bronzer together to create a fabulous natural-looking glow. The combination of these two makes a lovely pair.

They complement each other perfectly. Bronzers give the face dimension and style while underlining the cheekbones. In contrast, the highlighters provide the face with a dewy look.

It is possible to combine a shimmery highlighter and matte brother. 

Knowing we can use them together, we need to note the correct order of application.

Start with the bronzer by applying a small quantity to the specific or required part of the face, such as the lower part of the cheekbone, then build up the color and blend very well to the point where the look becomes satisfactory.

Then apply the highlighter at the top of the upper cheekbone, which is the elevated part of the face.

It is possible to highlight with a concealer with a lighter shade and then use a matte bronzer for contour on the face. This highlighting and contouring will give more dimension to your face.

Endeavor to blend these products well with no harsh lines.

An optional addition to giving that extra full-body definition is to apply some shimmer highlighter or bronzer on the collarbone. 

The trick behind a perfect natural glowing look is understanding these individual makeup products and knowing where and how to apply them.

As they have different purposes, you can employ them together to create a perfect makeup look.

Applying highlighter and bronzers is having the best of both worlds to create a fascinating blend of facial dimensions, warmth, and highlights.

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