How to Fix Cakey Makeup: 4 Easy Methods

Nothing ruins your appearance more than a cakey complexion after spending hours getting the perfect look. 

Every makeup enthusiast strives to avoid a cakey face when applying makeup and tries numerous techniques.

A heavily caked-on-face gives the impression of a caricature look. No one wants to end up with a painted face, so read on to find out how to fix that cakey makeup look.

What Does It Mean To Have A Cakey Makeup?

Cakey makeup is a general term for uneven, smudged makeup creasing and sliding around. Cakey makeup can also refer to makeup that is breaking up, flaking, or otherwise not looking flawless. 

It is most frequently used to refer to the foundation that appears thick, heavy, and noticeable.

Sometimes, skin that is too dry, too oily, or poorly prepped is blamed for cakey makeup rather than too much makeup or the wrong products.

 Let’s go over some techniques for removing cakey makeup and preventing it in the future.

Why Is My Makeup Cakey?

There is undoubtedly a straightforward explanation if your foundation appears cakey. If you notice a cakey look, it could be related to these reasons:

Applying too much makeup is one of the leading causes of this beauty blunder.

Using too much foundation to ensure your face is evenly covered is a significant mistake.

Many people use many products, but you want to build coverage, not lacquer. 

Applying products directly on the skin leads to a poor makeup look. Before you start, take your cues from professional makeup artists rather than what you see on social media.

To prevent excessive use of the product, you should only apply a small amount of foundation at a time when using a makeup blender, makeup brush, or your fingers to correct your complexion. 

Remember that less is more when applying foundation correctly and that you can always add more if necessary.

Dry skin, improper makeup layering, and using the wrong skin care products are additional causes of cakey foundation. 

Another element that might lead to cakiness is skipping exfoliation and other skin preparation methods. Always prepare your skin by hydrating and exfoliating to ensure that your makeup applies smoothly.

How to Fix Cakey Foundation 

There are times when we all mess up our makeup. As a result, knowing what to do when you experience cakiness is crucial. The three methods listed below will help you avoid cakey makeup.

1. Buff Extra Oil 

Oily skin frequently goes hand in hand with cakiness, so if anything worries you, an excellent idea would be to keep blotting papers on hand. Use a sheet to gently blot your skin when you notice that your makeup is cakey or shiny.

2. Correct with Makeup Blender

Real Techniques Mini Makeup Sponge
Real Techniques Mini Makeup Sponge

To avoid cakiness, you can soften your foundation with a beauty blender or sponge. Dampen the sponge (do not saturate it), then press and dab it on your skin. 

3. Apply Face Mist

Bath And Body Works
Bath And Body Works Hyaluronic Acid Body Gel Lotion And Face And Body Mist

Face mists are one of the most fun aspects of any beauty routine. Misting your face truly does feel fantastic, and they’re also beneficial. It only takes a few seconds to spray your face and remove caked-on makeup.

Keep a bottle of Face Mist handy and mist your face if you have a cakey foundation or whenever you need a midday makeup boost.

4. Loosen with Steam

Steam can naturally assist in removing caked-on or hardened makeup. If your foundation is cakey, taking a shower after doing your makeup can be helpful.

Get in the shower and leave the glass door open. The steam will significantly improve the stiffness and your makeup’s emollient texture.

The steam will soften the ingredients, allowing you to move them around with your blender if necessary. Once that’s done, you can quickly set the mixture with a loose powder. 

Try to get some water to boil if you’ve already taken a shower. Put a bowl of water into it once it is hot enough to produce steam, and then slowly allow the mist to drift toward your face to soften the stiffness. 

How To Prevent Cakey Makeup 

Everyone knows that avoiding cakey makeup altogether is the easiest way to ensure your makeup routine goes well without a hitch. 

Check out these five tips to altogether avoid cakey makeup if you want to cross it off your list of beauty problems.

1. Take Your Time In Application

If your foundation frequently appears cakey, your skin care regimen may be to blame. Take your time to smoothen the foundation after applying moisturizer. 

Instead, wait a few minutes for face creams and lotions to dry before continuing. And don’t forget to apply a face primer, which aids in establishing a smooth base and preventing a cakey finish.

2. Choose the Proper Foundation for Your Skin Type 

Certain foundations are more likely than others to become cakey. Consider switching to a lightweight product with a long-wearing formula if you believe the formula you’re currently using is to blame for your wrecked makeup looks.

Another thing to consider is how a formula will look on your skin type. Stay away from drying formula if you have dry skin because it accentuates dry patches and makes you look cakey. 

3. Use the Right Tools 

Makeup application technique is essential. For a smooth, non-cakey finish, we advise using a foundation brush or makeup blender instead of your fingers.

4. Use A Waterproof Concealer 

Whether you like it or not, concealers can also appear cakey. Halfway through the day, your foundation and concealer will likely settle into wrinkles and move about, making your makeup look cakey. 

Because of this, it’s essential to use a waterproof concealer that will stay put. 

5. Use A Light Hand 

Applying excessive amounts of makeup products is the main reason behind cakey makeup. Make sure you’re sheering it out since it would be pretty visible if you cake on the product. 

Evenly spread the product on your face while using your hand as a palette. Additionally, when applying face makeup, remember to use a light hand because a bit of concealer, foundation, and face powder goes a long way. 

You won’t need to utilize excessive amounts of an excellent product because it will offer you the advertised benefits.


As I have stated above, you can handle horrible flashback pictures with valuable tips and suggestions. No one method fits all; you can always choose which method better suits you. 

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