Tinted Moisturizer: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

You can now moisturize and nourish your skin while giving it a uniform complexion.

You use several different creams, lotions, and moisturizers every day. However, are you familiar with tinted moisturizers? 

Foundations are better options for your standard makeup routine. Instead, it would be best to have something thin, seamless, and well-matched to your skin to give you an even-toned complexion. 

Although you may already be aware of BB and CC creams, choosing one from the many lotions, liquids, sticks, and tints may be challenging.

If you’ve never heard of a tinted moisturizer, this article will be your go-to resource for selecting a tinted moisturizer. Keep reading to find out more. 

What is A Tinted Moisturizer?

Nars Tinted Moisturizer
Nars Tinted Moisturizer

A moisturizer with a trace of color and sheer coverage is called a tinted moisturizer. 

While some tinted moisturizer formulas come in a range of hues ranging from lighter to darker, allowing you to choose your best fit, some tinted moisturizers come in a universal tint that blends perfectly into most skin tones. 

Tinted moisturizer is a popular option because it’s light and has a subtle tint that helps to level out your skin tone while also hydrating it more. 

It’s ideal for people who prefer a natural glow on their skin without seeming to be wearing makeup.

In addition to offering sun protection, some of our favorite tinted moisturizer formulations have dewy or matte finishes.

Additional Information about Tinted Moisturizers

For casual events and physical activity, tinted moisturizer gives a more fresh-faced, natural appearance than a full-coverage foundation. It works well on hot, muggy days when heavier foundations could feel too heavy and clog your pores. 

Little secret: No one wants to sweat on their makeup!

While tinted moisturizer offers additional hydration, they should not replace your regular moisturizer. After completing your entire morning skincare routine, add your tinted moisturizer because it’s always crucial to hydrate your skin before using any face makeup.

Tinted moisturizers offer a smaller range of colors than full-coverage foundations, which are available in many shades for different skin tones. Make sure to choose a product that complements the color of your skin. 

How to Use Tinted Moisturizer 

One of the best things about tinted moisturizer is how quick and straightforward it is to apply, and because there is only a slight trace of color, it is practically impossible to do it wrong. Here’s how to use it:

Apply a regular moisturizer first to provide your skin with a foundational layer of hydration. Use one appropriate for your skin type, such as creams for dry skin or oil-free treatments for skin prone to acne.

When using a tinted moisturizer, your makeup application process becomes swift; brushes and sponges are unnecessary. 

Apply a small quantity with clean fingertips to your chin, cheeks, and forehead in the same manner that you would your regular moisturizer. (Be sure to wash your hands first.)

To ensure the color is equal and prevent a noticeable makeup line, gently pat your skin and blend it toward your neck. You should still be able to see your original skin tone.

Apply concealer after the tinted moisturizer if you need extra coverage for sun damage, black spots, or under-eye bags. Blush, lipstick, mascara, and other accessories complete your cosmetic look.

Tinted moisturizers are best-used daytime; avoid applying them right before bed. In its place, use a night moisturizer made for your skin type following your evening washing procedure. 

What Are The Benefits of Tinted Moisturizer 

Once you discover the best one, you’ll see the many benefits of using a tinted moisturizer.

When a heavy foundation seems superfluous, tinted moisturizer provides sheer coverage; it’s the ideal product for casual weekend errands.

Additionally, it provides additional hydration, which is always beneficial for your skin.

Added benefit? When it’s a tinted moisturizer with SPF, it offers a lightweight feel that makes it perfect for sports and outdoor activities.

How to Choose the Best Tinted Moisturizer for Your Skin

There are many advantages to using a tinted moisturizer, but to profit from them, you must choose a product appropriate for your skin type. The wrong formula of tinted moisturizer can result in outbreaks or skin damage, just like with any other makeup.

Tinted Moisturizer for Oily Skin

People with oily skin often need help choosing the correct moisturizer since they occasionally believe that moisturizing is not necessary. 

 It’s crucial to use a mild moisturizer to prevent your skin from producing excessive oil. A tinted moisturizer that won’t leave your face oily and is oil-free is what you should seek out.

Tinted Moisturizer for Dry Skin

 If you are prone to flaky or itching skin, try a tinted moisturizer containing moisturizing hyaluronic acid to seal in moisture. Squalane, ceramides, and plant extracts like aloe and jojoba oil offer an extra dose of hydration that your dry skin will adore.

Tinted Moisturizer for Older skin

 Tinted moisturizer is the best option because its lightweight consistency won’t settle into wrinkles and cracks like heavier cosmetic bases frequently do. 

Find anti-aging tinted moisturizers with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from UV radiation and prevent further sun damage to mature skin.

Tinted Moisturizer For Acne Prone Skin

If you have acne-prone skin: a non-comedogenic, fragrance-free tinted moisturizer is best. Since the sun can exacerbate acne, it should also have sun protection of at least SPF 30.

Can you Substitute a Tinted Moisturizer for Foundation?

Choosing between a tinted moisturizer and foundation depends on your desired cosmetic look.

Foundation provides the level of coverage you desire if you’re interested in hiding dark spots, age spots, or hyperpigmentation. 

On the other hand, if you want to instantly hydrate your face and add a hint of pigment for dewy and radiant skin, tinted moisturizer is a wise choice. 

To address your question, yes, you can use a tinted moisturizer in place of foundation; however, you must have reasonable expectations. Be realistic about the amount of coverage you desire.

What Differentiates Tinted moisturizer from BB or CC cream?

Tinted moisturizer and CC cream
L-First Aid Beauty Tinted Moisturizer; R-Mary Kay CC Cream Tinted Sunscreen

We understand that it can be confusing, and you might wonder if tinted moisturizer counts as makeup. Tinted moisturizer is cosmetic; however, it’s not the same as BB (beauty balm) or CC (color correcting) cream.

While tinted moisturizer, BB cream, and CC cream all 

Provide sheer coverage and natural color, and tinted moisturizer does not have the same all-encompassing advantages, such as antioxidants and color correction. 

However, tinted moisturizer is a fantastic choice if you’re only looking for a light formula with a touch of color—especially if you want people to assume you’re not wearing any makeup.


Now that you are fully informed about tinted moisturizer, you can decide if it is the ideal cosmetic base to give you the healthy glow you desire. 

Its dewy sheen makes it a fantastic choice whether to wear it daily as part of your routine or only occasionally as light makeup.

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