Microblading Healing Process and Aftercare Tips

Microblading is a cosmetic process involving using handheld equipment with several needles to create hair-like strokes on the eyebrows, making them look naturally drawn.

Being quite a recent trend, many individuals are turning to microblading as the best and fastest way to get your eyebrow makeup in perfect order without putting much work into it. However, proper research is required when opting for microblading.

Microblading Healing Process
Microblading Healing Process
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Much more than knowing the cost, artist, location, and anything that has to do with microblading, this article is very important to know everything to expect when going through the healing process involved in microblading.

All You Need To Know About The Microblading Healing Process

Microblading Healing Process

The Microblading healing process takes about 4-8 weeks to be complete, which is mostly dependent upon factors like age, skin type, and the general health system of the individual. For some persons, healing can take place within a shorter period of 4 weeks, while others need about six or even eight weeks to heal completely.

Microbladed eyebrows will first go through swelling, which becomes tender and starts to scab, then change color. However, these different stages each have a general time in which they occur.

First, the eyebrows are swollen and dark; then, they start to scab and flake. As a result of scabbing and flaking, they appear too light, almost non-existent.

Next, the color starts to come back, but it still looks patchy and, by this time, needs a second and sometimes even a third microblading session to touch up properly.

Finally, the eyebrows recover fully and can be taken out like that or undergo a full makeup process.

Types Of Microblading Healing

Healing in microblading can go two ways;
The wet form of healing entails using an ointment after washing the brows. Microblading artists tend to recommend this healing more because they believe that ointments are a barrier against contamination and can be helpful for faster healing of the skin.

The dry form of healing comes in two styles:

  • Washing the brows gently and then drying them but without an ointment
  • Not washing at all nor applying any ointment. Instead, let the brows heal naturally. This method needs to be updated, though artists rarely recommend it.

NB: microblading artists usually recommend dry healing for clients with oily skin as there’s little to no need for a moisturizer in their case. However, they’ll need to constantly blot away excess oil to keep the micro-bladed area dry.

What To Expect In Microblading Healing Process

Days 1 – 2

For the first two days, micro-bladed eyebrows are usually swollen and red-colored, appearing very dark and tender to the touch. You want to be extra careful during these first two days as the brow area is quite sensitive and can easily be infected. It is very important to follow the microblading aftercare tip to navigate this stage successfully.

Days 3 – 4

Here, your brows look and feel a little better, and you’re adjusting to the fact that you don’t have to draw them out with a pencil when going through your makeup routine. Ensure to keep following the aftercare tips even if your eyebrow color is slowly starting to fade but still appears dark. Patience is your best ally here, and your pigments are only starting to settle.

Days 5 – 7

By day 5, your eyebrows start to experience scabbing, and they feel super itchy. You can’t afford to scratch the area because your eyebrows are still pretty sensitive, and scratching can bring about complications. You are experiencing this because the pigment has gone into your skin just a little, and scratching can take out the pigments from where they are concentrated and cause patches.

The scabs have emerged and flake, which is a normal experience for every microblade eyebrow, although differently. Some experience it intensely, while others do not as much. Resist every urge to scratch and use any ointment prescribed or given by your artist. Please note that if for some reason, you scratched your eyebrows and took out the pigment in the process, it can be fixed during a touch-up session.

Days 8 – 10

By now, the scabs are coming off, your brows seem lighter than expected, and you’re beginning to believe that maybe the pigment wasn’t right for your skin. Do not be bothered.

Your skin is only recovering from the scabbing and peeling, and everything will blend in a few days from now. Just ensure to follow your aftercare tips and be patient.

Days 11 – 28

By now, your eyebrows are coming into shape because the pigments have finally settled into your skin, you’re closer to full recovery, and the toughest part of the process is over. Don’t be too excited just yet!

You still need to go through the full healing process. Keep following your artist’s instructions. Even if all the earlier sensitivity has reduced drastically, you still need to be careful.

Now is a good time to book an appointment for your second microblading session. The second session usually checks for any mistakes and touches up imperfections. So, do not be worried if you’re still experiencing some patchiness.

Days 29 – 42

Now, you have come to the end of the healing process. The brow healing speed differs from one individual to another, and the healing speed depends on factors like age, skin type, general health system, and daily life routine.

At this juncture, your micro-bladed eyebrows have taken their expected form, and you can’t help but be in love with them.

Microblading Healing Process After The Second Session

Whether you’ve gone through the first compulsory touch-up or needed a second one, the healing process will look similar to the initial healing process. But this time, it’s only milder because your brows haven’t gone through as rigor as the first time.

The healing time frame will be less now but will depend on how many new incisions have been made.

Once you’ve gone through both healing processes or even healed from a possible third touch-up, your eyebrows are set and can last up to 2 years.

Important Tips To Note

You must plan your microblading session around a time when you don’t have any functions to attend because you have to bear in mind that your eyebrows will only look presentable for about two weeks after your first session. If some function comes up, you can use some makeup on your brows, but only if two weeks have passed.

If you follow the aftercare tips well, it is very unlikely for you to get an infection. However, if you experience severe swelling or itching and maybe even some intense redness, it is important to contact your artist or send them pictures of your eyebrows. They’ll know whether there’s a need for an alarm or not.

Finally, remember that you need to be extra patient. Don’t pay attention to your eyebrows. Please resist the urge to always be in front of the mirror, examining them. Find ways to distract yourself, and don’t fall into the trap of comparing your healing process to another person. You can check online for before and after pictures of micro-bladed eyebrows and pictures showing you the step-by-step healing process.
Remember again patience and discipline are your best allies in microblading.


Micro-bladed eyebrows are a beautiful sight to behold once they have healed properly and are suitable for outings. You’ll be glad you did them afterward only if you’ve followed the precautionary and aftercare tips and exercised patience and discipline.

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