How to Nail Eyebrow Makeup: 4 Easy Steps

The eyebrows are a defining feature for every human, more so the women folk because it’s a part of a whole in defining a women’s best features. That is why, for the womenfolk and all lovers of makeup, generally. Makeup for eyebrows is a big deal.

Hence, the makeup industry has not slacked in its role to making sure that eyebrow makeup, being a big deal, is handled with so much finesse and artfully so.

What is Eyebrow Makeup?

Eyebrow Makeup Application

Eyebrow Makeup is the aspect of makeup that focuses on enhancing the eyebrows and defining them—also placing a great deal of attention on the eyes and the framing of the face. No matter how your brows look – sparse, full, or somewhere in between- a well-done makeup brow can help your brows achieve a full and natural look.

Moreso, your brow makeup is essential to balancing out the overall face makeup that you opt for at any time. A well-drawn brow will balance out case in point, a smokey eye makeup, or a winged liner.

Essential Eyebrow Makeup Tools And Their Uses

  • Eyeshadow: can be filled into the brows to give them a slight glitter or shimmer glow
  • Eyebrow Gels: are designed to tame and shape the brows into a particular one. Some of them usually contain fibers to give the effect of eyebrow hair and come in clear or tinted forms.
  • Eyebrow pencils: help to achieve a particular brow shape or ‘drawing hair’ on brows with little or no hair
  • Eyebrow powders: contains pigments and can be applied to the brows to achieve a soft and natural look.
  •  Eyebrow waxes: are thicker than gels and come in clear or tinted form; use coarse brow hairs in a specific order and take them.
  • Eyebrow mousses and pomades are creamy formulas that help thin brows achieve a bulkier look.
  • Eyebrow tints are liquid-based, water-resistant formulas that give temporary color to brows.
  • Spoolie is a makeup brush to clear and detangle thick brow hairs and clean out excess makeup products. It’s important to have a spoolie on hand in case your makeup doesn’t come with a dedicated eyebrow.

 How To Apply Eyebrow Makeup

The first thing to do when applying eyebrow makeup is to comb your brows.

Then, brush your brows upward with a spoolie, which will help you notice the sparse areas that need to be filled.

Next, determine your eyebrow shape. The easiest way to do this is

  • Hold a brush or tipped object straight against the widest end of your nose, and adjust until it touches your forehead. Your eyebrows start on the same line at the side of your nose.
  • Join the base of your ball and the center of your eyeball on a diagonal. This is where the highest point of your eyebrow arch should be
  • Finally, tilt the brush or pencil outwards, a bit further towards your temple, till it meets the outer corner of your eye in a straight line to find the tail of your brow.
  • Do the same process for the other eye.

Next, fill your brows in with eyebrow makeup. First, use an eyebrow pencil or brow pomade to trace the lower edge of your brow. Then, join the start to the arch point in a straight line and the arch to the tail in another straight line.

Then, fill your brows with hair-like strokes, focusing on the middle and tail end of your brows.

Then, Brush your brows with your spoolie, so the colors from your filling can be evenly distributed. Fill in more if there are parts you missed. Then, apply a brow gel to help hold your brow makeup in place.

Finally, use a flat, angled brush to apply concealer to your brows to shape and define them. Make sure to even out with a blending brush or foam. Though not necessary, you can add a little highlighter to define the arch of your brows.

Best Eyebrow Makeup

  1. Age-perfect brow magnifying pencil 

This brow pencil is a L’oreal brand that helps achieve better natural-looking results. The different shades match the real eyebrow color. Also, there are no noticeable lines because the pencil is quite soft. It, however, doesn’t tame brows.

  1. Brow Shaping Powdery Pencil

A Lancome product, this brow pencil helps fill in your brows with quick and soft strokes. This pencil can give your brows a more structured look.

  1. Browsing brush on styling mousse

This Clinique brow-styling mousse helps to add fullness to your brows and gives them some shape and some tint.

  1. Diorshow brow styler

This Dior brow pencil doesn’t tame or provide hold for the brows, but it is a very pigmented and retractable slim-tipped pencil that allows for fine application. It comes with its compact spoolie blending brush, and this pencil gives the brows a natural finish.

  1. Unbelievable brow-tinted waterproof brow gel

This eyebrow gel is a L’oreal product that helps define and shape brows. It helps to boost the brows’ thickness and lasts for a full day. It comes dual-sided in five different shades and also a blending brush

  1. Retractable brow pencil

This brow pencil is waterproof, which helps it last all day. It comes in twelve different shades made of fine ingredients, and its fine tip makes it possible to copy the natural look of hair.

  1. Easy breezy brow powder

The easy breezy brow powder is a CoverGirl product that is very affordable. This brow gel helps define the brows, fill in gaps, and give them a soft look. It has an in-built applicator and, interestingly, can be used as either an eyeliner or eyeshadow

  1. Maybelline Tattoo studio brow tint pen

The Maybelline brow product helps to achieve natural-looking brows. It has multi-prongs that help give uniformity and structure to the brows. To crown it all, you can be assured of wearing it for 24 hours and not experiencing any smudge.

  1. Beauty Brow Trio Eyebrow Liner

This tri-dimensional eyebrow product is a dual-ended brow pencil on one side and a micro liner on the other. It also comes with a small spoolie for brushing and blending the pigment into your brow hairs

  1. Brow fast sculpt gel mascara

Maybelline’s gel mascara is an easy-to-apply product that helps to shape and tame brow hairs and give them fullness. It comes in seven different shades and is easy to use.

  • Arch brow micro-sculpting pencil

This pencil is an Hourglass product with a fine point that allows precise application. With this pencil applied to your eyebrows, you don’t need to worry about water touching you and cleaning it off. It is very easy to use and comes with a spoolie blending brush.

What To Look For When Choosing an Eyebrow Shade

Select a shade that matches your hair’s undertone when choosing shade(s) for your eyebrows. Consider shades that match your hair color, though the shade doesn’t have to match your hair color. Just ensure they have a similar hue to your hair color, which means something slightly lighter or darker than your hair color.

In Conclusion

Eyebrow Makeup will continue to be a big deal in years, decades, or centuries to come; only trends and ways of application will change. If you’re going to apply great eyebrow makeup, it better be done well, and hence the need for everyone into makeup, especially beginners, to arm themselves with the right information that will ensure great output that will enhance the beauty in the right way.

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