How to Nail Natural Eye Makeup: 10 Tips

When putting on that glamorous-looking makeup, one feature to greatly accentuate is your eyes. Defining your eyes and brows with eye makeup products makes them pop.

The question is not makeup around the eyes but what natural makeup tips you can do. You want makeup around your eyes, but you want them to look natural.

Makeup looks can be very conspicuous, and many think natural makeup means wearing no makeup. I will let you in on all the details of natural eye makeup as you keep reading this article.

What Is Natural Makeup?

Natural Makeup

Is there anything like natural makeup? Yes, there is! Natural makeup doesn’t mean ‘no makeup’; it only refers to makeup that accentuates your features. 

So with natural eye makeup, you look like you have makeup on but a well-blended harmony of colors with skin tone. So with natural makeup, color matters more than how much makeup you have on. The rule of the game for natural eye makeup is to rule out: glitters, metallics, and shimmery-looking makeup.

So with Natural Eye Makeup, we focus on creating natural hues while applying eye makeup products on brows, lashes, and eyelids. Natural hues don’t mean shades of brown only; instead, they are hues of pink, burgundy, greys, peaches, and soft whites. The trick is to blend and blend till you have a natural look.

10 Natural Eye Makeup Tips

Check out these natural eye makeup tips! 

Let’s begin with the Brows


Defining your brows is a huge deal in makeup applications because a well-defined brow gives your face a lift.

 To create a natural-looking brow, enhance the same color tone of your brow hairs. Start first by brushing out your brow hairs using a spoolie.

Using different shades of brown is a good option to bring out your natural brow look. 

 If you have black brow hairs, try to ensure they don’t look darker; use a black pencil or brow filler to fill in the brow spaces to give that full brow look.

Apply an eyeshadow primer or base cream

Your natural eye makeup look doesn’t mean any makeup, so look at achieving a natural eyeshadow look. Before you achieve a natural eyeshadow look, apply an eyeshadow primer to ensure the eyeshadow glides smoothly on your eyelids, giving a naturally smooth, looking blend. You can easily do this by blending the cream with your fingertips.

Apply An Eyeshadow Wash Colour


Over your eyelid, apply an eyeshadow wash color. It’s simply choosing the lightest color from your chosen color hues. Apply it over your eyelid; it brightens up your eye area.

Create A Natural Looking Crease

When it comes to eye makeup, eyeshadows are applied to create dimensions with the play of color hues. When doing natural eye makeup, choose a darker hue to create a crease look. 

Use a detailed smaller brush to pick up your darker hue and apply it at the outer corner of your eyes in an angled manner. Apply and blend till you achieve a blended look. Use a softer hue or neutral color along the upper eyelid. Blend in again with your eyeshadow brush.

Eyeliners Are Included Also


Would we ditch our favorite eyeliners because we wanted to achieve a natural eye makeup look? Certainly not!

Eyeliners are great eye makeup details for those great-looking eyes. And even with a natural eye makeup look, eyeliners can be well incorporated.

The trick here is to avoid using heavily colored eyeliners. Black or brown eyeliner will give a much fuller and thicker-looking lash.

Draw your winged eyeliner, but avoid overdoing it. Avoid extremely bold eyeliners. Stick with the traditional eyeliner look and avoid using glitters and studs.

Suppose you desire a soft eyeliner look. In that case, the tip is to ditch using liquid eyeliner and use an angled brush to apply a dark matte eyeshadow across the eyelid.

Lash-On Some Mascara 


Your natural eye makeup look cannot be complete without mascara on. Long and fuller lashes give you a more beautiful look, and mascara greatly improves the look of your lashes. 

Using volumizing mascaras makes your lashes appear fuller and thicker while lengthening mascaras have wand bristles that comb out and lengthen your lashes.

Achieve a natural lash look by using mascara hues that are black or brown. If you must use colored mascara, swap the bright hues for cool colors like purple, plum, or burgundy.

While applying mascara on your upper lashes, remember to apply lash pigment on your lower lashes to accentuate them. 

Apply Natural Looking Lashes

false lashes

Applying false lashes may be optional, but a superb addition to your eye makeup look. If you need to maintain that natural look, ensure you opt for natural lashes. Avoid voluminous lashes, as they can look fake. Choosing good eyelashes to carry a natural feel and texture can enhance your natural eye makeup look.

Additional Natural Makeup Tips To Complement Natural Eye Makeup Look

If you want to complete your natural eye makeup look to full natural makeup, I have listed these tips for you:

Complete the rest of your makeup by applying the best matching foundation and blending to perception using a brush or sponge. Use sheer to light coverage makeup for a softer look. Heavy or full coverage foundations that look like you have overcome it with the possibility of making and looking unnatural.

Contouring and Highlighting to help enhance certain features on your face. Avoid donning too much makeup product that would lead to a cakey look.

It’s important to master the art of blending your makeup products.

Bronze and Blush Up your Cheeks for a more defined face look. Bronzing adds some warmth to your face that gives a natural look. Choose blush in light and soft hues, and avoid overdoing it.

You can finish your natural look by choosing a natural lip color shade of light pink and nudes. 

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There are days for vivid-looking makeup with smokey eyes and bold red lipsticks, and there are days we want a toned-down look. Subtle can be gorgeous, and my tips on natural eye makeup look would help you on those days you want to go soft on your makeup look.

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