How to Fix Bad Microblading Eyebrows: 7 Methods

Microblading is a cosmetic procedure using a handheld tool with needles to deposit pigment under the skin. This procedure achieves natural-looking, perfectly shaped brows. That is if you get a good artist to do a professional job.

However, the results will come out horrible if the microblading artist needs to be more skilled. The client might end up with patchy or even brows. Worst, if the artist isn’t good with colors, the client can end up with brows that do not match their skin tone.

A bad microblading job can even result in scars or other complications for the client. There is also the risk of infections if the artist’s equipment isn’t sterile, as this equipment goes into the skin.

If you’ve been in this situation before or know someone who is currently, below are steps to correct a bad microblading job.

How To Fix Bad Microblading


1. Allow It to Heal

First, you must let your newly micro-bladed eyebrows, which you aren’t okay with, heal. The healing process can take about 1-2 months. If you are patient enough to sit the healing process out, it will be easier to fix whatever errors have been made. It is because micro-bladed eyebrows are, first of all, really darker before they gradually fade into the real way they’re supposed to look. By the time they are healed, it is easier to see what errors were made and where they were made, which will aid the correction process.

2. Allow It To Fade

Another good way to fix bad microblading is to let it fade, which can take about 6-8 months for the pigment color to fade off. That is if you still need to get them touched up. 

The easiest way to fade your eyebrows is to ignore your artist’s aftercare instructions. Below are ways you can ignore your aftercare instructions:

  • Use a cleanser

Cleansing your eyebrows will speed up their fading process. Don’t scrub too hard to avoid scarring. As the scars from your micro-bladed eyebrows heal, you can begin to use an exfoliator in your routine.

  • Physical exertion and sweat

Sweating will act as a dissolving agent for the pigment deposited into the skin. Engaging in activities that will cause you to pour out a lot of sweat is important.

  • Facials

Getting a Facial is a good way to get rid of pigment from your skin naturally.

3. Saline removal

Saline tattoo removal is a popular way to lighten the pigment. This removal is done by tattooing a solution of salt and purified water over the pigment. The saline solution works by osmosis; it draws the pigment to the skin’s surface, making it scab and eventually clear off.

The saline solution doesn’t affect hair growth, though it requires about six sessions spaced eight weeks apart from doing it to achieve total removal. And this is why it is not so advised to try DIY saline removal methods because, in each session, there is a probability of skin damage and scarring. Hence, it would be best if you only considered those who want to adjust their micro-bladed brows, not total removal slightly.

4. Glycolic Acid Removal

Glycolic acid removal, like saline removal, involves tattooing a glycolic acid solution over the brows. It acts as a skin exfoliant while also drawing out the pigment. Although it causes less scabbing than saline solution, it still carries the risk of scabbing and possible infections and needs to be done several times to remove all traces of pigment.

5. Get a Sauna Bath

Sauna Bath

Sauna baths are a great way to draw sweat out and detoxify the body. So, if you want to avoid sweating by physical exertion, a sauna bath is the best way.

6. Forget about Touching up

Going for a touch-up will add more pigment to your skin. So, allow the pigment that has already been added to fade off naturally.

7. Microshade

Microshading is another way to fix a bad microblading job. Microshading is also known as ‘powder brows.’ In microshading, a handheld tool with pins is used to make tiny dots in the skin and then filled with pigment. It will give the brows a natural look without any hair-like strokes.

Get A New Artist

It would be best if you got a new artist who is more professional this time around. While you may be tempted to use the first artist, remember that you don’t want a repeat bad job on your brows.

Do thorough research to find an artist who can deliver your desired results.

How To Find A Better Artist

Please do thorough research: pay close attention to their before and after work. Ask for before and after pictures, and be sure they can produce the kind of results that you’re looking for.

Ensure they have microblading certifications

Although this might not determine how good the microblading artist is, certifications can go a long way to assure you of what the tattoo is capable of.

Reviews tell a lot

You should check if the artist has any reviews and what kind of reviews they have. How satisfied are people with their work? However, be careful with reviews; some people also pay others to write good reviews.

Check if they offer correction work

A great microblading artist is thorough and doesn’t want any bad work representing them. Hence, they’ll offer a correction session in case of any errors.

Leverage recommendations from those who have either had a microblading job done or know someone who has. They need to be people that you trust.

Important Tips To Note Before Correcting Bad Microblading

Get your before and after pictures ready. Your pictures before you get a microblading procedure done and after it tells your artist exactly what needs to be fixed. This way, it is easier to mark points where errors have been made to ensure a smooth correction process.

Be sure of the exact changes you’re looking for. Know what areas you want the changes made because what you see as terrible might go unnoticed by another person. Being able to pinpoint what exactly you don’t like and want to be changed will set a tone of ‘direction’ as to what is to be done.

Don’t try to DIY!

Some people with steady hands can pull off a microblading procedure alone. However, this is different from the norm, and there are two in 10 persons who can pull this off. 

Therefore, it’s pertinent that you resist the urge to try correcting your bad microblading yourself. You might make it worse or open yourself to infections. It is even possible to injure yourself, especially if you do not have the appropriate tools for such a procedure.

Let your artist do their work

Once you have found a great artist who can deliver the desired results, relax and let them work; let go of paranoia and trust that your artist can do their job. And this will put you and the artist in good condition to complete the procedure properly.


You can still fix bad micro-bladed brows, no matter how bad they came out. You must get rid of paranoia and assure yourself it can be fixed. And this is because your state of mind is important for you and your artist. Then, do great research to get a better artist to deliver the desired results. Remember to avoid trying the microblading process yourself at home to avoid further complicating things.

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