CC Cream vs Foundation: Key Differences Explained by a Makeup Artist

If we were to get statistics of what many women in this 21st century prefer for a perfect makeup look, a flawless base or glowing complexion that covers all blemishes and discoloration and gives an even tone would be a top priority.

However, choosing a base makeup product has only gotten tricky and confusing to achieve a smooth, flawless complexion due to the seemingly endless formulations from Foundation, CC cream, BB cream, and others.

Below, we delved into the discussion between CC Cream and Foundation: their meaning, differences, application, which they’re best suited for, and the best option for your skin.

What is CC Cream?

Mary Kay CC Cream Medium to Deep
Mary Kay CC Cream Medium to Deep

CC cream is a complexion corrector or color control product marketed as an all-in-one product. They contain elements such as SPF, foundation, and moisturizer.

 Ingredients that soothe your skin and give you a glowing complexion are included in the making of this product. CC cream products aren’t the same; some contain peptides, anti-aging ingredients, and possible vitamins needed for the skin. 

These base makeup, such as CC creams follow a principle that is more about counterbalancing redness and canceling out blue and purple shadows to give you an even tone that blends into your skin, not just covering up blemishes.

Some research claims that CC cream is suitable for all skin types, but it depends on the formulation. One notable disparity between CC cream from the foundation is the texture, and CC cream has a lighter texture compared to the foundation. CC creams have a minimal shade range, unlike foundations that come in various shades, you may have more than 30 to choose from, but CC creams only have a handful of hues available. Use a base product that could better match your skin, as It can throw the whole makeup look off.

CC cream is an all-in-one base makeup cream, so instead of using multiple color-correcting concealers and foundations, you solve all your issues with just one product.

CC creams work perfectly at concealing signs of dullness, dark spots, redness, and tired skin. Hence, applying it alone for an even tone is possible, as it tends to give medium to full coverage. It can also be used as a primer under your foundation for extra coverage.

What Are The Benefits Of CC Cream 

One significant benefit of using CC creams not present in foundations is that they safeguard your skin from sun damage and harmful UV rays that can lead to possible photoaging. Primary content in CC creams comes with skincare benefits and appropriate SPF content that help against sun damage.

Therefore, it is possible to use it daily as it shields your skin against sun damage and nurtures it while giving you an even, glowing tone.

Regarding texture, CC creams are lighter and airier than foundations and even BB creams. CC creams are less likely to hamper your pores, resulting in a breakout. CC creams are an excellent choice for people with oily skin.

How To Apply CC Cream

In applying CC Cream, the CTM routine, i.e., cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, a foundational step, must be considered and followed appropriately.

Put some quantity of CC cream on your palms and then apply bit by bit in the dot-like form to your face.

Meld the CC cream with your fingers or a makeup sponge. The advice is to apply gently, not too harshly, and softly dab the cream on your skin.

Also, you can put more cream in the required areas of your skin when necessary.

What Is Foundation? 

Mary Kay Timewise Foundation
Mary Kay Timewise Foundation

 Foundation is a traditional choice for makeup lovers who want to create a flawless canvas and have outstanding coverage. Foundation is the right option if you desire a product that will last all day.

Foundation has a thicker consistency than CC cream, offers the highest coverage level, and gives you a flawless skin look. They come in numerous shades and undertones, enabling you to find your perfect match or the one that fits your specific skin needs, which you can rely on for everyday use and special occasions. 

The finishing touch you choose depends on personal preference and how you like your skin to look, as some persons with dry skin may prefer a dewy or satin finish to get a more glowing complexion. Meanwhile, those with oily skin choose matte foundations that help them fight shininess. 

How To Apply Foundation 

This product requires much more effort in the application, although it depends on your desired coverage level.

Since it has a thicker consistency, it must be blended out perfectly such that there are no noticeable streaks.

Just like with the CC cream, it is essential to start with or have ready clean, moisturized skin before you apply.

 This step is essential for someone who has dry skin since some foundation dries out the skin even more. After carrying out the primary step, the next step is to dab the foundation right onto your face in a dotted pattern and blend it with a sponge or brush.

It is advised that you use a damp makeup sponge as it enables you to get a full-coverage airbrush appearance quickly. You can start melding from the center of your face and then spread it around your face. Endeavor dab and bounce the sponge technique on your face, and avoid hauling the product around when using a sponge. Using a foundation brush is best to use a buffing motion.

When applying makeup, it is wise to begin with less product than you think you need, as using too much at once can create a cakey appearance. As your application progresses, you can always add more if necessary.

CC Cream Vs. Foundation

Mary Kay CC Cream and Foundation
L-Mary Kay Timewise Foundation; R-Mary Kay CC Cream

The main difference between foundation and CC cream is their coverage, the shade range offered, and the skin concerns they are targeting.

There are various formulations you can choose from when it comes to foundation. CC cream has a flexible, limited shade range and only comes in liquid form, but for foundation, there are several formulations such as powder, cream, and stick foundation formulations.

 You can also find water-based foundations that are better for acne-prone skin types. 

CC creams have extra skincare benefits.

Regarding the use of finger application, CC Creams are excellent for such. This process will help cover concerns like dark spots, redness, and discoloration.

Both CC creams and foundations can contain pore-clogging elements. However, water-based products will only result in a breakout and won’t make oily-skin types look even greasier. No matter the option you choose, a water base is an aim.

Which Is The Best Option For Me, CC Cream or Foundation? 

When it comes to making a perfect choice between CC cream and foundation, it is necessary to consider the result you desire. Every product has pros and cons, so you must decide what’s most preferred. 

For some people having both a CC cream and a foundation available within their reach is a wise decision. However, if you are comfortable and prefer to have one, a foundation may be the better choice since it’s more versatile. 

Foundation as a base makeup offers outstanding coverage, even skin tone, and conceals blemishes. You’ll be able to find one that matches your ideal skin tone. 

For those who care about a single complexion product that contains skincare ingredients, CC creams are the best option. They also provide enough coverage to mask the discoloration and other skin problems. 

Both CC creams and foundations provide the perfect “barefaced” makeup look, and all that’s needed is the correct application. You can also achieve this with just the use of concealer.

Final Takeaway

When choosing the most suitable base makeup, there are good reasons and points to consider. And this choice is based on personal preference, so whether CC cream or foundation, it all boils down to skin type and the coverage you desire. 

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