Quick Makeup Under 10 Minutes

Quick Makeup

A good elaborated dressing up is loved and desired by every girl, a half cut crease or a deep smokey eye makeup or a statement lip…. whatever it is, when practicality hits, we end up wrapping up the ‘get ready’ episode as soon as we can. This is when your quick makeup skill comes to rescue. For those […]

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Galaxy Inspired Nail Art Tutorial

galaxy nails

This isn’t the first time I am doing galaxy nails… These look so amazing that I couldn’t stop myself from repeating. This time of course I made a tutorial for you all unlike the last time. You can see my first attempt at galaxy nails HERE, this one is of a different color scheme.

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Handmade Chocolate Chip Cookies | Recipe

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Nothing better than a chilled glass of milk with one or two hand made choco chip cookies. The two make a perfect summer evening munch on. The recipe is super simple and requires no blender or mixer. Oven is the only electrical appliance you would need. Ingredients Salted Butter (room temperature) – 113 gms (1 […]

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How to wear a red lipstick in 5 ways!


Makeup is a great way to unleash your creativity. I like to experiment and play with my makeup. This blog is depicting how to use your lipstick creatively and make it wearable for every occasion. A red lipstick which is often mistake to be restricted to parties or weddings can surprisingly also be your best mate for a […]

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DIY Eyeshadow Primer Under 5 Minutes


There are some beauty products which you don’t need to buy from the market at all!! These are quick, easy and super affordable to make at home. I love DIYs and have done a few before as well. Here is a simple DIY eye-shadow primer recipe which you can make under 5 minutes. Also it is super effective, […]

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Copper Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial

Copper Bronze Smokey Eye Makeup

I am quite liking copper nowadays, This pretty shade looks superb on the eyes, I remember picking this quad from maybelline while I was doing my wedding shopping a few years back… back then I wasn’t so deep a makeup lover, I believed in having just the essentials and a copper bronzy quad seemed to […]

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